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Tapping a periodic table of possibilities for all industrial sectors through data sensing automation

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Augusta Industries Inc. (TSXV: AAO) (“Augusta”) is engaged in the development, design, manufacture and supply of systems using fiber optic sensors, related monitoring instruments, and software for industrial clients.

The industrial sensing market for data collection is a growth industry because of its far-reaching consequence in the automation of environmental data collection. This is the grandfather of the Internet of Things: our ability to connect everything in our everyday life through the internet.

But if the Internet of Things has an element of WWW connectivity, data sensing automation has an entire periodic table of possibilities for all industrial sectors. There are multiple industrial operations all over the world looking to monitor physical and chemical parameters for a variety of reasons that range from risk assessment to increasing productivity. Notwithstanding human error, most industrial accidents can be partly prevented by sturdy data sensing campaigns.

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Marcon International Inc. (“Marcon”) and FOX-TEK, the Company provides a variety of services and products to a number of clients.

Augusta has two business models: Clients either buy systems and operate them, or FOX-TEK handles the installation and reporting of information on an outsourcing basis. For either choice, FOX-TEK provides support engineering services related to planning, training, on-site installation, and data interpretation and reporting.

FOX-TEK provides technological solutions to various sectors including the oil and gas industry. With non-intrusive technologies including fiber-optic sensors and electric field mapping systems, FOX-TEK is able to accurately measure changes that could negatively impact its client’s operations.

FOX-TEK’s systems serve the needs of the oil and gas, power generation, chemical, mining, and civil structure market sectors worldwide. Systems can be configured to operate continuously or on an inspection basis. They can also be monitored remotely.

FOX-TEK’s sensors measure displacement to add value in the areas of critical operations, safety, environmental protection, improved maintenance, and extended lifetime. This measurement is processed into client-specified information such as

  • Temperature
  • Pressure,
  • Wall loss in a pipe,
  • Strain in a foundation,
  • Distortion under pressure,
  • Integrity under bending loads,
  • Development of cracks.

These parameters are precursors or indications of erosion, corrosion, ground settling, earthquakes, fatigue, or overloading.

FOX-TEK’s systems are built on proven components and know-how in the areas of telecommunications based fiber optics, electronics and optics, and control and signal processing software. Installations are designed to be quick, non-intrusive, and efficient. The systems operate non-intrusively in rugged environments and are designed to match the longevity of the assets the systems support.

Marcon’s principal business is the sale and distribution of industrial parts and equipment principally to clients in the oil and gas industry and United States government agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of the Interior, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Agriculture. Initially the company had focused on providing services in the energy sector but moved on to government contracts and government services. Marcon has two subsidiaries, Marcon USA and Marcon UK, to help enhance and support its logistic and sales operations. Over the years it has established a stellar reputation and has been a consistent performer for its clients in the government as well as the international oil and gas industry.

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Marcon International Inc. (“Marcon”) and FOX-TEK, the Company provides a variety of services and products to a number of clients.

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