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Tinka Resources, looking for (and finding) silver, hits even more ‘paydirt’ with zinc.

| November 14, 2013 | 1 Comment

Weslosky-AndrewNovember 14, 2103 — Tracy Weslosky, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of InvestorIntel interviews Andrew Carter, President and CEO of Tinka Resources Limited (TSXV: TK | OTCPK: TKRFF | Frankfurt: TLD). Tinka is a company with a history of achieving exploration benchmarks. The company’s primary focus is on its combined 100% owned Colquipucro and Ayawilca projects consisting of 46 contiguous mineral tenements covering an area of 9,827 hectares, located in west-central Peru.

The Colquipucro project is described on Tinka’s website here as “a sandstone-hosted, bulk tonnage, oxide silver deposit with mineralization that begins from surface, believed to be the first documented deposit of its type in Peru.”

Tracy initiates the conversation by asking Andrew to discuss Tinka’s most recent drill results. In order to place them into context, he starts by referring to the company’s May 22 News Release, wherein the Ayawilca project – originally framed as a silver resource, was expanded to include zinc. In this release, the results from two diamond drill holes were covered. Drill hole A13-04, the first to intercept significant copper, revealed a 10 metre interval averaging 1.07% Cu. In this interval the presence of silver (averaging 51.6 g/t AG) was also noted.

Andrew said that the intercepts in drill hole A13-05 “in a recent independent report was classified as the second best zinc drill hole this year.  If you look at the cutoff grade of 1% and add the below cutoff grade, you have a drill hole of over 200 metres of 5.5% zinc – analogous to a 60 story building.”

Tracy mentioned that zinc seems to be rising in importance on the critical metals’ list, alongside an increasing global interest in zinc overall.

Andrew agreed, stating that the demand for zinc is increasing alongside falling supplies due to mine closings, etc. Several analysts have predicted that there will surge in the price of zinc in the next two years, along with a dramatic increase in demand.

Andrew mentioned that Tinka has completed an Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) at Ayawilca, was necessary because the company was applying for a completely new drilling permit for a new platform, allowing for drilling to the east of the original drill platform.

We have closed the first tranche of the most current private placement, “to keep the drill rigs working in Peru on probably the most exciting project in the recent time.”

Tracy noted that as she reviewed the company’s history, Tinka Resources has a habit of being “humble” – understated with the way that it achieves its benchmarks and makes its announcements. She asks Andrew what we, as investors, can expect from the next 6 months or so.

Andrew: “I think the next 6 months will be extremely exciting with our drill program at Ayawilca. Now that we have the permit for the 74 platforms, we will keep that drill rig working there, moving further to the east, and expanding our mineralized area.”

Given that “Peru is one of the most exciting places on the planet for instance with silver”. Tracy asked Andrew to give us some of the highlights about Tinka Resources.

Andrew stated that the company had access back in 2004-05 to a database about Colquipucro, which was the silver resource that they identified at first, then staked more land, looking for silver. Next they drilled 1.5 kilometers, looking for more silver, and that’s when they discovered zinc. “All of a sudden our area of mineralization increased dramatically.”

Tracy mentioned that having been to Peru herself, found it to be a very beautiful country. But she also mentioned that some investors, who may not have been there, harbor some negative perceptions about the country, and asked Andrew if he could shed some light on this issue.

Andrew mentioned that in addition to the food being fantastic, that Tinka has excellent relations with the two communities involved in the area they are exploring. “One of the things that Tinka has done, is try and develop sustainable projects for these communities – whether it’s chocolate production, cheese/yogurt production, putting money into animal husbandry and horticulture. (So) Peru is a mining-friendly country; over 60% of their GDP comes from mining, so they’re very protective of that income; they know that they need foreign investment – they know that they need companies like Tinka, to develop the resources of their country.”

Tracy closes by reminding listeners that “they heard it here first on InvestorIntel…”

Disclaimer:  Tinka Resources is a client of InvestorIntel.




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  • J. Best

    Good interview. I was impressed with the sustainability work being initiated by Tinka. They have made their investment in this project and Peru evident. Point to note.. the economy grew 4.7% in September over last year.

    November 15, 2013 - 12:56 PM

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