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One of the most undervalued gold and silver plays in North America?

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Kizis-JosephOctober 9, 2014 – In today’s InvestorIntel interview, Tracy Weslosky, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of InvestorIntel begins her interview with Joseph A. Kizis, Jr. – the CEO for Homestake Resources Corp. (TSXV: HSR), on the debate on whether indeed Homestake is one of the most undervalued gold and silver plays in North America.

Tracy Weslosky: Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Kizis, Jr. He is the CEO for Homestake Resources. I am very excited about having this opportunity to ask you some very critical questions because I’m getting some very unusual and intriguing emails with regards to Homestake Resources. There seems to be a lot of perception out there that you might be one of the most undervalued gold and silver plays currently in North America. Let’s just start there. Why am I receiving these emails and why are people concluding this? Thank you.

Joseph A. Kizis: Well, we’d have to agree with that. It’s a very good entry point for people that are interested in joining the company. Our exploration success has been quite good. Compared to many of the juniors around us I believe we are very much undervalued.

Tracy Weslosky: I think I was looking at your management and your track record and I noticed in particular that your rate of growth is incredibly impressive. Maybe the reason you’re undervalued is because you guys have been so busy acquiring new projects? Tell me more about this.

Joseph A. Kizis: Sure. We’ve really focused on a particular portion of a very great district. We’ve developed some exploration techniques and an exploration model that’s been very successful. We have discovered three deposits on our main project at this point. We feel like we’re probably on the edge of our fourth deposit, perhaps a drill hole or two away.

Tracy Weslosky: Alright. Let’s go to these exploration techniques. Everybody knows I’m not a geologist so I’m not going to pretend. You were speaking with a friend of mine, Ellis Martin, about these techniques. It sounds like you might have something that’s quite competitive. Is it competitive or is it something everybody knows how to do?

Joseph A. Kizis: I would not say that everyone follows— I mean, there’s nothing magical about what we do. It’s basically understanding the chemistry of an ore system as it passes and develops an ore deposit. These particular types of deposits are somewhat unique in that they have very, very high-grade portions of different metals. At the top, for example, very, very high silver, bonanza grade silver, in places and as you go deeper more gold rich and as you go deeper still more copper rich. Part of it is just recognizing the simple chemistry of the fluids.

Tracy Weslosky: Alright.Now, for everybody out there in InvestorIntel you want to know more about these projects. Tell us— You’ve got three, right? And you’re looking at acquiring a fourth?

Joseph A. Kizis: Well, these are deposits within one of the projects. Our Homestake Ridge Project has four deposits on it— or three deposits on it right now. We think perhaps the fourth is there. We have a larger project that surrounds that. That’s the Kinskuch Project. That’s a huge portion of the district. There are a number of targets that we’ve developed on that as well and so those are— There’s a lot of upside to the company as far as adding additional ounces of gold and silver as well as certain base metals.

Tracy Weslosky: Alright, so talk numbers to me. What do we have right now and why should I as an investor and potential shareholder be interested in getting some HSR today? Tell me a little bit more about this.

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