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InvestorIntel invites you to the New Orleans Investment Conference – November 1-4, 2019

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For 45 years, and through some of the most turbulent and dangerous times in investing, the record shows there is no better place to find profits and safety than the legendary New Orleans Investment Conference. The conference brings together an unparalleled group of investment experts and covers a diverse range of topics including mining (including precious metals gold and silver), energy metals, Artificial Intelligence, fintech, cannabis, electrification of transportation, and the latest mega-trends. Powerful new trends such as clean energy, e-sports, streaming media and 5G will all be covered at the conference.

2019 top line speakers at the New Orleans Investment Conference

At this year’s event, speakers include Stephen Moore, Kevin D. Williamson, Peter Schiff, Dennis Gartman, Doug Casey, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Peter Boockvar, Chris Martenson, Adam Taggart, Rick Rule, Ross Gerber, Brien Lundin and dozens more!

Panel discussions

A great format, the group panel discussions, allows investors to hear from a variety of panel experts discussing a topic of interest. At this year’s event panels will discuss “The Next Big Thing(s) in Tech”, “Opportunities in real estate”, “Key trends in energy, the economy, the environment and technology”, and much more.

InvestorIntel will be at the New Orleans Investment Conference

Founder and CEO of InvestorIntel Tracy Weslosky states: “We have been participating in this event over the last dozen plus years due to the volume of influencers in the resource sector that attend the New Orleans Investment Conference. Not only do the speakers set the tone for the market for the upcoming year, but the audience is full of knowledgeable investors that respect the impact of geopolitical issues on their portfolio. Let me add, this conference lead by Brien Lundin lends credibility to the value of relationships in business as no one has a better rolodex in the industry then Brien.”

Access to the best analysts and investors in the world

The New Orleans Investment Conference is a must visit event. Investors and experts are brought together in an environment of learning. Furthermore, the conference focuses to bring in the most sophisticated and successful individual investors — mavericks who don’t follow the herd, but rather search for valuable, unhedged and unbiased information.

We hope to see you there.

To Register For New Orleans 2019 just call 1-800-648-8411 or click on this link to learn more and register: CLICK HERE.

Note: If you attend New Orleans 2019 and don’t make back at least four times the money you paid to register — in six months or less — just let the conference organizers know. They will happily give you a prompt, hassle-free refund on your entire registration fee.

Feel free to bring your partner, as this year’s conference event will also bring the best of New Orleans to you, with gala celebrations and receptions throughout the event!

New Orleans flavor gala celebrations and receptions throughout the event

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