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Seair Announces Issuance of Shares in Satisfaction of Bond Interest Payment and Issuances of Shares in Payment of Debt

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Seair-Inc-200x125April 13, 2016 (Source) — Seair Inc. (TSX VENTURE:SDS) (“Seair” or the “Company“) is pleased to announces that in accordance with the terms of a trust indenture entered into between the Company and BNY Trust Company Of Canada (“BNY“) dated as of October 31, 2012, as supplemented by the first supplemental indenture made effective October 31, 2013 as further supplemented by the second supplemental indenture made effective May 14, 2014, and as further supplemented by the third supplemental indenture made effective December 21, 2015 (the “Third Supplemental Indenture“) (collectively, the “Indenture“), they have agreed to issue an aggregate of 1,841,385 common shares in the capital of the Company (the “Common Shares“) to holders of the Company’s 12% Secured, Subordinate, Convertible, Redeemable Debentures (the “Debentures“) in satisfaction of an aggregate of $138,103.86 interest payable to holders of Debentures on March 31, 2016. The issuance of the Common Shares is being made pursuant to the Company’s exercise of the share interest right (the “Share Interest Right”) provided in the Indenture. The Company first announced their exercise of the Share Interest Right on May 30, 2014 and have issued a continuation notice of such Share Interest Right following the execution of the Third Supplemental Indenture.

The issuance of the common shares in lieu of cash under the Share Interest Right is subject to the terms and conditions of the Indenture as well as the receipt of all requisite approvals, including, without limitation, the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange. The Company anticipates that holders of Debentures should receive their Common Shares in lieu of cash interest on the Debentures sometime in April 2016.

The Company also announces that, pursuant to shares for debt agreements with certain creditors of the Corporation (collectively the “Creditors“) dated as of March 31, 2016, (collectively, the “Agreements“) the Corporation has agreed to issue and the Creditors have agreed to accept common shares of the Corporation in lieu of cash to extinguish the amounts owed to the Creditors.

An aggregate of 942,666 common shares will be issued in lieu of cash pursuant to the Agreements, calculated by dividing the aggregate amount owed to the Creditors of $70,700 by $0.075, the closing market price of the common shares on the TSX Venture Exchange on the last trading day immediately preceding the dates of the Agreements.

The issuance of the common shares in lieu of cash is subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreements as well as the receipt of all requisite approvals, including, without limitation, the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.


The Company is a water technology corporation active at the heart of water-energy nexus that provides proprietary diffusion technology with global applications in several industry sectors, including oil & gas, mining, municipal and industrial wastewater applications. The key proprietary technology of the company solves critical oil-water separation (de-oiling) cost-effectively for oil producers. Seair has commercialized proprietary technology that can diffuse gases, such as oxygen, ozone and carbon dioxide, into liquids more effectively and with lower power consumption than the competition. Seair’s patented technologies can produce micron size bubbles that are more efficient than other diffusion technologies because the diffused gases remain in solution for extended periods of time, leading to increased productivity and lower operating costs. Seair has been working with customers in the Oil and Gas industry for over five years. Seair applications include oil sands SAGD water solutions, frac and produced water treatment, industrial ponds treatment, mine dewatering/treatment, end-to-end sewage treatment for permanent residential communities and remote work camps, golf course irrigation and pond treatment and most recently, industrial emissions treatment. Parties interested in obtaining further information or receiving news releases and corporate documents from Seair may email such requests to info@seairinc.com or visit the Seair website at www.seairinc.com.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.



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