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Nano One Materials trades on the OTC Market

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Nano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO) have invested in developing a range of nanostructured composite materials for use in energy storage (batteries), devising a scalable industrial production process to manufacture at low cost. They have generated significant interest within the industry, partnering with NORAM Engineering and BC Research Inc. to share in their engineering, development and production expertise. Nano One Materials currently have a number of patents pending in the US and across foreign jurisdictions; the three patents already granted should offer some level of comfort as to the success of those awaiting determination.

Long-life batteries are ubiquitous with the technology which surrounds us, with the market being driven by personal devices, and increasingly electronic transportation – drones and cars. Nano One Materials have developed and protected innovations which promise to deliver greater performance at lower cost, using nanotechnology in the battery’s composite materials. This translates into batteries which are cheaper, lighter, longer lasting and more powerful, and a production process with less waste and significantly higher yield. The technologies which Nano One Materials intend to license feed into the lithium ion battery industry, which is projected to be worth $30 billion in the US by 2020.

Based in Vancouver B.C., Canada, Nano One Materials are presently reaching out to investors across North America and Europe. In October this year the company began trading on the OTC markets, adding a third trading venue alongside the Toronto Venture Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and there are ample reasons to invest. In August the company was awarded a $2.08 million technology commercialisation grant from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (‘SDTC’), and received the first installment towards their $6 million pilot plant project. The pilot launched in June of this year following a successful engineering study, including patent acquisition and full scale proof of concept. The plant will demonstrate the company’s technology and performance with the intention of attracting manufacturers to license for commercial production. CEO Dan Blondal has recently reported that construction of the pilot plant is ‘proceeding on schedule and under budget.’

Nano One Materials is undoubtedly anticipating forthcoming trade arising from the phenomenal rise of Tesla. An industry leader in electronic cars, Tesla is planning sales of a half-million units which rely on thousands of lithium ion batteries each. In March this year Nano One further announced the development of cobalt-free materials which they tested to reveal greater longevity and power output that commercial alternatives. This reduces the required composite metal from four to three, having positive effects on cost, the environment and supply chain vulnerability. The importance of Nano One’s research has been further recognised by the Canadian government in June with $222,857 in financial support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program.

Nano One Materials is led by a team boasting more than 190 years’ combined experience. With IP licensing at the heart of its business model, the company’s principal scientist and engineer hold 19 and 30 patents respectively, whilst their IP advisor comes with 23 years’ experience prosecuting science and technology patents. The project is clearly led by a team with wide expertise which instills confidence; alongside external investment the company raised a further $2.9 million from existing shareholders in April this year. This capital joins the SDTC grant to continue development of the pilot plant which sits at the centre of the business’s marketing strategy.



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