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  • Jeff Thompson

    Will this company also receive a threatening letter from the parasitic type of lawyer? They are no different in character from those who run protection rackets on street vendors in New York, and they should hunted down like the dogs that they are and locked away, if not worse, so they can no longer live off of the labors of others.

    They think that because they have at times been successful in taking what does not belong to them that they are now entitled to try as often as they like. Such tactics should face massive punitive punishments each time a lawsuit fails as deterrents to end frivolous lawsuits, which is really just extortion disguised with falsely polite letters, and save the real lawsuits for the genuine cases of loss like when the Chinese government hacks into American corporations’ networks and steal schematics to produce third rate counterfeits of all manner of electronics.

    Does anyone ever shed a tear when they pull a tick off of their skin, cast it to the ground, and crush it under their boot?

    Not I.

    June 17, 2016 - 5:40 PM

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