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Insulin: EastGate looking to break the sound barrier through new delivery method for diabetics

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insulin-injectionThis is a story about a company with a mission and a market. This is the story of a painful prick that costs lives and massive amounts of money to the health care system. By pain, I mean the dreadful burning feeling from injection needles every diabetic has to suffer every day to manage their blood glucose.

EastGate Acquisitions Corporation (OTCBB: ESAQ) is in advanced stages of negotiation to secure the exclusive rights for the intellectual property permitting to deliver insulin without needles using especially formulated insulin pills that permit the sublingual absorption of insulin.

Since Banting and Best’s discovery of insulin in Toronto in 1921, the scope of diabetes research in the world has been vast. Insulin has saved millions of lives.  There has been massive amount of research on insulin but the delivery of insulin is still a mystery that baffles health care administrators.

Insulin is a protein and when ingested like a regular pill, the protein is digested in the stomach: it is broken down into its amino acid constituents and rendered useless.  This is the sound barrier of insulin research.

But to diabetics a pill would be excellent because diabetics and pre-diabetics tend to avoid injection needles if they are symptomless. This is especially important for those suffering type 2 diabetes where symptoms can be absent or mild.  In this case, avoiding pain as much as a possible, patients avoid injections, which leads to significant health consequences as untreated diabetes has significant and potentially life-threatening complications; it is a leading cause of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and limb amputation. The burden of co-morbidity and mortality imposed by diabetes is a serious threat to both the quality of life for people with the disease and both private and public health care systems).

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, the burden of untreated diabetes to the Canadian health care system is predicted as $13.7 B by 2020. By extension we should expect the insurance cost in the USA it would be roughly $137 B per annum, using the ten-fold formula. Whether these expenses are covered by private or state health care systems is not particularly relevant: they still need to be paid by someone.

But EastGate is looking to acquire a methodology to manufacture insulin pills that can be absorbed by sublingual application.  Promising data from tests on a limited number of human subjects shows that certain formulations of insulin with a coating agent in sublingual tablets are effective at transporting the drug through oromucosal route allowing non-invasive delivery and can control of blood sugar in fasting conditions. Also the results show that the use of insulin sublingual tablets before meals diminishes elevation peaks of glucose in blood. The sublingual administration of insulin in tablet form was associated with the decrease of C-Peptide concentration, which confirms the efficacy of the sublingual approach for insulin administration. Finally, individuals with high body mass index (BMI) seem to be more responsive to sublingual administration of Insulin in tablet form than individuals with a lower body mass.

Formulating effective insulin pills for diabetics is as much an accomplishment as Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier on October 14, 1947, flying the X-1 at Mach 1.07 at an altitude of 45,000 ft. The next step for EastGate is to demonstrate the efficacy of the pills in large-scale trials. We’re due for someone to break a new sound barrier.

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