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Potash Minerals ideal Play for efficient Solution Mining

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Potash-MineralsMarch 25, 2013 — Ben Binninger, CEO, Potash Minerals Ltd. (ASX: POK) in an interview with Tracy Weslosky, Publisher of ProEdgeWire (ProEdgeWire.com) talked about Potash Mineral’s 100,000 acre, solution mining, potash asset in Utah. Addressing the key issue of water supply, Mr. Binninger stated “We have enormous amounts of water below the ground that we can use for solution mining.” Such access to water is an integral to a potash asset with an exploration target of 3 — 5 billion tons.

Operational and capital costs (OPEX & CAPEX) are important considerations for any mining project, especially potash. In this respect, Binninger is confident, noting that “…demand will grow and anyone who has the right location, the right product, is in the right market, will have a competitive advantage.”

Potash Minerals will also be able to take advantage of the fact that their deposit is sylvinite, which is the more desirable type of mineralization for potash in North America. Because sylvinite is easier to process, it will ensure the delivery of a higher quality potash that ultimately helps to offset costs often associated with other potash deposits, which require more processing to achieve anywhere near the desired potash quality.

Disclaimer:  Potash Minerals Ltd. is a member of ProEdgeWire. For more information, go to http://potashmin.com.au/ or www.ProEdgeWire.com.



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