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Are you ready for the Buds, Batteries & Blockchain event of the year?

| January 28, 2018 | 2 Comments

A doorman at my office building, barely mid-thirties stopped me heading home recently and asked me what new blockchain companies we were covering on InvestorIntel. “I thought you only bought gold” I responded. Incorrectly assuming that he was a resource investor, he continues: “Can you believe I made a million dollars* this year off of blockchain stocks?”

Yes, yes I can – but that’s because I watch InvestorIntel member stock everyday, and our Top 3 performers for 2017 reflected companies with blockchain initiatives:

  1. Fintech Select Ltd.’s $FTEC.V up +1700%
  2. Global Cannabis Applications Corp. with $FUAPF up +1295.97% & $APP.C +987.50%
  3. Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. $BLOC.V up +1203.70%.

Immediately I asked him: “would you be willing to do an interview with us on how you selected these companies?” After all, he explained that his initial $12k investment came through a random selection of blockchain listed companies, a technology he barely understood: according to my calculations he made a 6700% on his initial investment in less than 12-months*, clearly we need more information…

While professionals from Generation Y use blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence terms with relative ease while tweeting, talking and walking at the same time; the reality is that most members of the illustrious Generation X and the oh-so powerful Baby Boomers find the staggering performance of these stocks to be disconcerting, even for those of us that love high-risk as there is something to the said for the wisdom behind, when it looks too good to be true, it probably is….and yet, the doorman just scored a 6700% increase?

Well-known marijuana expert Cheryl Shuman says this growth has just begun, and for this reason we have named this year’s 7th Annual InvestorIntel Summit: Buds, Batteries & Blockchain – Building Wealth in 2018! and she is flying in from L.A. to explain why we are actually at the right place at the right time.

Come see the leading market movers from the marijuana, blockchain, cryptocurrency and battery material sectors present who’s who in the highest growth investment sectors of the year! And yes, I am going to get “Doorman X” to sit on the blockchain panel…

Being held in the Omni King Edward in Toronto, Canada on May 3-4, 2018, and hosted by InvestorIntel, a trusted news source, confirmed speakers include for this global event:

  • Brad Moore of Global Cannabis Applications Corp. with $FUAPF up +1295.97% & $APP.C +987.50% in 2017 will kick off day with on taking medical cannabis data to the next level with their Blockchain development….
  • Paul Farquharson of eCobalt Solutions, Inc. with $ECSIF up +297.43% & $ECS +261.11% in 2017 will host a lunch on what is arguably one of the most sizzling commodities of the decade – cobalt…and the impact of this conflict mineral in technology…
  • Chris Reed of Australia’s lithium star player Neometals NL and $NEM’s bullish lithium outlook for the rising electricity storage market…
  • Dan Blondal of Nano One Materials Corp. $NNO.V up +271% already since the New Year on the impact of cathode material technology…
  • Don Bubar of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.’s $AVLNF up 25.13% & $AVL 16.67% in January already on the overall technology metals market —
  • Sam Kanes of BlueOcean NutraSciences Inc. with $BOC.V up +223.81% in December 2017 — the impact of agribusiness technology….
  • Cheryl Shuman “the queen of marijuana” to educate us on why this market has only just begin….and so much more!

Please contact us at 647 345 5486 or Summit Director Andrew Neary at info@investorintel.com for more information. And to make reservations at the Omni King Edward as space goes fast, click here

“The caliber of talent and the quality of projects that Tracy Weslosky brings to the annual InvestorIntel Summits makes this conference one of the most relevant events to attend. Ms. Weslosky is phenomenal at connecting people and creating long term synergies at these events.” — Paul Farquharson of eCobalt Solutions, Inc.

Did you miss our last event? Here are some quicklink’s to a handful of the panels from our last summit in 2017:

With InvestorIntel coverage often #1 on Google news in the world, there is no question that the financial community and investors have their eyes directed towards the Buds, Batteries & Blockchain sectors. Social media leaders, InvestorIntel is #1 in the industry for followers on YouTube and LinkedIn, we are warming up for what we anticipate will be our best event to date InvestorIntel’s 7th Annual Technology Metals Summit: Buds, Blockchains and Batteries – Building wealth in 2018!click here to register

(*) The doorman showed me a glimpse of his portfolio on his smart phone, it was CAD$816,000, not $1M.

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  • Intrigued Investor

    Really looking forward to the InvestorIntel Summit in May. Looking forward to learning more about and garnering a true understanding of Blockchain, getting up to date on what is happening in the Cannabis sector and most importantly I want to learn more about batteries & the critical materials required to produce them. See you in May.

    January 29, 2018 - 8:29 AM

  • Kelly Bird

    The countdown is on…and I am truly looking forward to hearing updates from all companies attending.

    January 29, 2018 - 9:26 AM

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