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Move Over Metals: The Party Just Got Bigger

| April 12, 2018 | 10 Comments

Having been InvestorIntel’s mining experts for almost three years now, we’ve seen dirt turned into assets, penny stocks become billion-dollar companies, explorers graduate to producers, and a couple of writers get chewed up by comments sections.

But more importantly, we’ve tracked the trends in how investors choose to build wealth year-by-year, and while metals & mining companies have long-dominated the scene, this year’s 7th Annual InvestorIntel summit demands a shared stage.

In a time of constant political, social and technological upheaval, new markets are birthed more frequently than ever before; the Buds, Batteries and Blockchain event quite rightly highlights the three major interest segments that overwhelm the retail investment landscape today.

The 2017 summit attracted some of the fastest movers in the mining industry, with polymetallic-explorer Neometals Ltd. (ASX: NMT) going on a near +100% bull run in the months following the event, and Lynas’ (ASX: LYC) rare-earths mine earning the company a place in the billion-dollar-market-cap club later that year.

Now, the heat is building in the battery metals sector, and taking the stand along with Neometals in May are rising stars eCobalt Solutions Inc. (TSX: ECS | OTCQX: ECSIF) and Arafura Resources Limited (ASX: ARU). Both companies having performed exceptionally well on the merits of their respective cobalt and rare-earth offerings and are strong favourites among a number of analysts.

In the Canadian markets, we have extreme achiever Wealth Minerals Ltd. (TSXV: WML | OTCQB: WMLLF), up over 843% since the beginning of 2016 as a result of its focus on the development of world-class lithium salars in Chile. Also, having tracked the manganese market for years, we are particularly interested in what Maxtech Ventures Inc.
(CSE: MVT) has to say on its manganese exploration work in Zambia.

Another 2018 superstar and long-term favourite of ours, Nano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO), will join the roster after posting ~65% gains so far this year. Investors are flocking to gain exposure to the company’s flexible nanoengineering technology after consistent positive announcements have inspired further confidence.

But showing as much promise as the resources industry in 2018 are two significant and disruptive changes to how societies function. The possession of cannabis is becoming increasingly acceptable, and blockchain technology has tempted more new investors into stock markets than any other event in recent history.

All in all, if you’re planning to attend an investment event this year, it may as well be one that features leading industry insiders from multiple high-growth segments. Battery metals have been touted as an inflationary space for over a decade, but the spread of marijuana decriminalization is just about the fastest-moving industry we’ve ever seen.

In Canada, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations have created substantial opportunities. Big-name cannabis speakers at this year’s show will include J.P. Mariwell, the soon-to-be seller and grower of medicinal cannabis that was recently snapped up by Mesa Exploration Corp., as well as CO2GRO Inc. (TSXV: GROW) and Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (CSE: APP | OTCQB: FUAPF).

We also have Vancouver’s own BLOK Technologies Corp. (CSE: BLK), which invests in and develops blockchain companies, helping them to produce blockchain-enabled applications for businesses and consumers. The bitcoin ship may have sunk, but the technology on which it is based remains highly disruptive.

We’ve seen and learned a lot since joining InvestorIntel, but one fact that outshines all others right now is that Tracy really knows how to organise an event, and more specifically, how to throw a party.


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  • Asher Berube

    Looking forward to InvestorIntel’s great event. It is also exciting to be kept up to date on the movement of the industries and the technological trends that drive them forward.

    April 12, 2018 - 7:50 PM

    • Bernie P

      Will Gratomic be presenting at the confrence ??

      April 13, 2018 - 6:30 PM

      • Tracy Weslosky

        Yes – both Arno and Sheldon will be participating. Arno is doing the company presentation and both will be on 2 different panels. Schedule and associated news release will be published on Friday the 20th. Thank you for visiting InvestorIntel.

        April 18, 2018 - 11:18 AM

  • Raj Shah

    I totally agree with you Lara. InvestorIntel summits are a must visit for every serious investor. You get a lot of insight on the current status of the market. What is trending and where you should invest your precious money. Last year’s summit was outstanding. I am sure this year it will be even better.

    April 13, 2018 - 8:32 AM

  • Sharron Clayton

    In my humble opinion what makes these summits extremely successful are the panels that Tracy who has an unbelievable knack of putting together and the knowledge gained from them is priceless.

    April 13, 2018 - 12:27 PM

  • Sue Glover

    Going to be another amazing year at the InvestorIntel Summit. Great speakers and industry experts in the three areas of greatest interest to investors today — the marijuana market, the battery material sector and blockchain. I am truly excited and really look forward to meeting Cheryl Shuman!

    April 13, 2018 - 12:30 PM

  • Andy Gaudry

    Really excited to take part in my first InvestorIntel Summit. The quality of companies participating in this years event is remarkable. May 3-4th can’t come soon enough.

    April 13, 2018 - 1:10 PM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    Thanks Lara – we have had some real stars over the years. I still recall the year ELECTROVAYA presented….delighted that ALKANE, ARAFURA and NEOMETALS flying across the pond to participate! Just wait till you see the schedule we will publish next week! Tracy

    Updates on Speakers, Panelists and Representatives from updated daily on http://www.InvestorIntelSummit.com — as of this morning, the following companies have now confirmed participation at the 7th Annual InvestorIntel Summit: Alkane Resources Ltd., Aloe Finance Inc., Angkor Gold Corp., Arafura Resources Limited, Avalon Advanced Materials Inc., Augusta Industries Inc., Bellotti Capital Partners Inc., BLOK Technologies Corp., BPL Corp., The Canadian Securities Exchange, CannTrust Holdings Inc., CBLT Inc., Cervello Capital Inc., CIBC Wood Gundy, CO2GRO Inc., Coinsquare Capital Markets Ltd., Darscom Inc., eCobalt Solutions Inc., Energy Fuels Inc., Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corporation, Foster and Associates, Global Blockchain Technologies Corp., Global Cannabis Applications Corp., GreenBank Capital Inc., Gowling WLG, Industrial Alliance Securities Inc., Insight Consulting Services, JJR Capital Partners, J.P. Mariwell Inc., Khiron Life Sciences Corp., Kontrol Energy Corp., KoreConX, Loewen Ondaatje McCutcheon Limited, Macrae Creative Inc., Maxtech Ventures Inc., Nano One Materials Corp., NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc., Neometals Ltd., Northern Graphite Corporation, Northland Wealth Management, Novadan Capital, Nubian Resources Ltd., Queensbury Securities, RBC Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Wealth Management | RBC Dominion Securities Inc., Redfund Capital Corp., Scotia Wealth Management, Stoic Advisory Inc., Stope Capital Advisors Inc., TMX Group Limited, U3O8 Corp., Velocity Trade Capital, Wealth Minerals Ltd. and WeedMD Inc.

    April 13, 2018 - 1:40 PM

  • Bernie P

    Will Gratomic be presenting at the confrence ??

    April 13, 2018 - 6:32 PM

    • Tracy Weslosky

      Thanks Bernie P. Presently Gratomic is scheduled for presentation on Thursday, May 3rd from 3:30-3:50 – just before the CSE. Also, we have requested that Sheldon Inwetash be on a panel prior to Arno Brand presenting. Awaiting confirmations – schedule published by end of the week.

      April 15, 2018 - 6:10 PM

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