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Abattis Bioceuticals crosses the cultural divide between traditional cannabis growers and corporate cannabis

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There is a whole lot more to the cannabis industry to growing skunky buds with perfect amber trichomes. Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (CSE: ATT) gets it. I mean the company gets the pain of corporate cannabis.  In the bustling world of cannabis there is a need for vertical integration through the consolidation of ancillary industries that will support the maturation of the cannabis industry to corporate cannabis.

In Q1 2014 the cannabis world shook with trepidation as the Colorado cannabis shops opened their doors to a multitude of eager post-prohibition customers looking to stick it to the man while to the north corporate interests filled up their applications to secure production licenses from Health Canada.  These were exciting times with potential to go as high as its product permitted (pun intended).

But after euphoric head spinning, reality is settling in corporate cannabis: the cannabis industry is, well just that, an industry with a need for its own supporting structure from seed to customers.

In the ebullience of Q1 2014 everyone with a green thumb daydreamed about growing endless rows of shiny cannabis leaves, now is the hangover. Abattis was already planning beyond bud harvesting: it was looking to tackle the dancing elephants in the room: vertical integration to support the plurality of an industry in search of a cultural change from underground to legitimization.

investor-intelRedSquareandII have sat through enough meetings with cannabis growers to understand that there is a cultural divide the size of the Grand Canyon between the traditional cannabis growers and corporate cannabis. To put it bluntly corporate cannabis are desperate to adapt a cottage industry to a replicable system with good manufacturing practices and quality control practices that match the drug industry. It’s almost like drilling the first ever oil well in Texas but no support infrastructure. This is where vertical integration becomes critical.

Abattis is a vertically integrated Canadian company in the Canadian and American regulated medical marijuana industries. Abattis’ intellectual property and activities encompass cannabis cultivation, production, extraction and refining technologies, quality control and laboratory analysis services, patient payment technologies and several derivative products. The company specializes Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Cultivation, Marijuana Dispensary Payment System, High Yield Marijuana Growing, Quality Control Testing 502, Refined Marijuana CBD Oil, THC Extract Oil, CBD Extract Oil, CBD Extraction Equipment, CO2 Super Critical, Cannabinoid Extracts, Butane Honey Oil Extracts, Licensed Producer, Pre-Paid Patient Card, Medical Marijuana Phone App, and Controlled Cultivation Environment.

My bet is that vertically integrated companies stand a better chance to survive the inevitable price compression that will inevitably come through the industry.  A corollary is that producers need to focus on what they know best: grow good quality buds.  My other bet is that the most successful cannabis producers are those who will know when to farm out some of the tasks in which they have no mastery.

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