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Klondike Silver could be about to take off

There’s an old saying when it comes to development, why reinvent the wheel? This can also apply to historical mine […]

Klondike’s Kennedy on finding the next silver, lead, zinc mine on the Slocan Camp

“I call that glory minor. It is glory for us because we have hit what we needed to hit to […]

Drilling in arguably the “last and best” underexplored zinc-silver-lead camp in Canada

For over 4,000 years silver has been regarded as a form of money. Today’s best example of this would be pound […]

Klondike’s Kennedy on the best underexplored zinc, silver and lead camp in Canada

“Our 100 square kilometer portion of the camp has produced over 159 million pounds of zinc in its history and […]

Klondike brings the promise of the best underexplored zinc-silver-lead camp in Canada to shareholders

Silver has been regarded as a form of money and a store of value for more than 4,000 years. In Great Britain sterling silver […]

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