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Nova Leap’s expansion continues with a home health care acquisition in South Central USA

Nova Leap Health Corp. (TSXV: NLH) was created to assemble a portfolio of home health care companies that have the […]

Chris Dobbin on Nova Leap’s 877% increase in revenue in 2018

“We were pretty open with the market in terms of what our plans were. In the tail end of 2017 […]

Nova Leap Health achieves a huge revenue “leap” of 877% over the previous year

There is a massive trend happening that has been mostly ignored by investors, and it’s a trend we have known […]

Chris Dobbin on older adult care and Nova Leap Health’s double-digit growth

“We are a homecare services company. The industry itself has been one of the fastest growing industries in Canada and […]

Nova Leap scores double digit revenue growth for the fifth consecutive quarter

In the coming years the number of people aged 65+ in North America is expected to grow rapidly. With 11,000 […]

Provider of personal home care leaps ahead with 91% revenue growth in Q2

There is no denial that the world’s population is aging as approximately 11,000 people per day are turning 65 in […]