XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. News

XPhyto Reports Development Update for its Drug Delivery Business

October 12, 2021 (Source) — Rotigotine transdermal skin patch optimization and pivotal study planning underway Rotigotine patch manufacturing, sales and […]

Xphyto Announces Engagement of Consultants for Marketing and Promotional Activities

October 8, 2021 (Source) — XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. (CSE:XPHY)(OTCQB:XPHYF)(FSE:4XT) (“XPhyto” or the”Company“) announces it has entered into extensions to investor relations consulting agreements […]

XPhyto Reports Successful Market Launch and Growing Demand for its 25-minute COVID-19 PCR Test COVID-ID Lab

September 8, 2021 (Source) — XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. (CSE:XPHY) (OTCQB:XPHYF) (FSE:4XT) (“XPhyto” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the successful market […]

XPhyto Launches First Commercial Biosensor for Oral Disease

August 30, 2021 (Source) — Biosensor test dissolves on the tongue and turns bitter indicating the presence of oral inflammation […]

XPhyto’s Acquisition Target, 3a-Diagnostics, Reports Breakthrough Identification of COVID-19 Biosensor Candidates

July 28, 2021 (Source) — First saliva activated biosensor molecules identified to diagnose COVID-19 infection using XPhyto’s oral dissolvable delivery […]

XPhyto Signs Transformative Acquisition Agreement With 3a-Diagnostics, to Enter Hi-Tech Biosensor Market and Expand Its Diagnostic Product Portfolio

July 20, 2021 (Source) — The acquisition creates significant commercial development and manufacturing opportunities for XPhyto as well as cost […]