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Fintech Select Plans to Launch Interac Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals on the Selectcoin Platform

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May 7, 2018 (Source) — Fintech Select Ltd. (“Fintech Select” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:FTEC) is pleased to announce that it plans to launch its new Interac funding feature and payout module through a strategic technology partnership with a payment service provider.

The company’s latest technological addition of the Interac funding feature will allow consumers to immediately fund their Selectcoin cards through the use of the Interac service, and direct funds from their bank accounts to their Selectcoin cards. It also will allow consumers to transfer their funds from their Selectcoin cards to their bank accounts, as soon as the online sell feature is completed on the Company’s website.

This feature was one of the most important features that needed to be added to the Selectcoin platform. We believe the eco-system will be more attractive to Selectcoin consumers once they are provided with an alternative way of loading their cards. This feature will allow the Company to reach a larger number of consumers who can participate in the Selectcoin eco-system outside the POS network.

We understand our shareholders have been patiently awaiting news on our roll out strategy, and we are optimistic that key updates will be released regarding the roll out of the Selectcoin platform to a larger number of consumers and retailers.

Our company is now in a better financial position than it has been in years, and as we continue to expand our Cryptocurrency platform, we are also still committed to growing revenues across all divisions.

The Selectcoin platform allows consumers to:

  1. Load Selectcoin cards at any Point-Of-Sale (POS)
  2. Load Selectcoin cards online through the new Interac feature
  3. Buy Cryptocurrencies directly through a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal onto the closed loop Selectcoin upon swiping the card on the POS terminal
  4. Buy Cryptocurrencies online through the Selectcoin.io website

About Fintech Select Ltd.

Fintech Select is a provider of robust and disruptive Pre-Paid Card programs, mobile banking solutions and Cryptocurrency technologies. 
Fintech Select has enabled these core assets which operate through separate divisions to work together harmoniously to create a new and ubiquitous environment for consumers and businesses alike. Fintech select also operates an international call centre that provides fulfillment and customer service support to customers across all three platforms mentioned.
 Our mission is to provide customers with choice, convenience and cost-effective ways to facilitate traditional and crypto financial transactions.


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