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The Nameless Broker on Global Blockchain Technologies

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Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CSE: BLOC) is a Vancouver-based investment company that specializes in projects and holdings in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Taking a different approach than most other players in this space, Global Blockchain partners and collaborates with existing businesses to build blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies based on existing business use cases. Working in both the public and private sectors, Global Blockchain has built an impressive portfolio of projects, several of which are set to take off in Q3 of 2018.

Laser Network

With more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies on the market, there is not currently an easy way to trade one cryptocurrency for another. The Laser Network acts as a service layer to connect one cryptocurrency’s blockchain to another, kind of like how SWIFT connects different countries’ banking systems. Laser was first announced in April of 2018, causing Global Blockchain’s stock price to spike significantly. Laser will have a proprietary cryptocurrency called the Photon, which will have a crowdsale in Q3 of 2018, for which significant interest from accredited investors has already been established.

Stratus Marketplace

The Stratus Marketplace acts as an AirBnB-style exchange for enterprise users to transact storage. Users will benefit from either the ability to purchase storage space at discount prices, or sell off excess storage space to recover what they paid for it. While the blockchain will facilitate this in an efficient and trustless manner, it will also make data more secure by “shredding” files to be stored in different facilities, giving no single storage host any full file in their custody. This is a key advantage over centralized cloud storage providers. With several buyer and seller enterprise users set to populate the network, the Stratus Marketplace will also be in motion as of Q3 of 2018.

Playboy Cryptocurrency Wallet

Global Blockchain has partnered with Playboy to integrate VIT (Vice Industry Token) – a cryptocurrency that pays users for engagement, into Playboy’s web portal Playboy.tv. With earned or purchased tokens, VIT will be accepted as a payment method for exclusive content on Playboy.tv. This will be integrated through an API (Application Programming Interface), making the earning and spending of tokens seamless. The wallet will be made to work with this API, making it easy to use, and the first of its kind for the adult industry.

As of this writing, Global Blockchain is also working on multiple projects with government bodies in the Middle East to build blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. They presently involve a trade finance platform, which will enable new forms of cost-effective financing for the commodities trade, and a cryptocurrency spot exchange.

Also exciting, Global Blockchain’s mining spinoff Global Blockchain Mining Corp. has recently been conditionally been approved by the CSE for trading under the symbol “FORK”. Investors who held shares in Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. before market close on February 27th, 2018 will automatically receive FORK shares as a result of this spin-off. As a cryptocurrency mining conglomerate that has access to 175 MW of reliable power at a low cost, this gives investors exposure to the lucrative practice of cryptocurrency mining in a single security.

Best of all, aside from all projects being on track with most set to have traction in Q3 of 2018, the company is operating with zero debt, and sufficient cash reserves to complete all current projects as planned. As blockchain continues to grow, Global Blockchain is pleased to be part of the propelling forces that drive this growth, and they welcome investors along for the ride!


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