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The magic of Siyata’s cellular network flagship device

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Cellular networks are getting faster and faster, especially with 4G now widespread and 5G starting to roll out in 2019. This means businesses that provide cellular communications equipment are looking at increasing business as well as possible upgrades to the latest and best technology. Many fleet vehicles still use 2-way radio, with over ~9.7 million commercial trucks in the United States alone that potentially need to replace the aging two-way LMR technology, with Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC).

Siyata Mobile Inc. (TSXV: SIM | OTCQX: SYATF) is a developer and provider of cellular communications systems, specializing in connected vehicle products for professional fleets. Marketed under the Uniden® Cellular brand, Siyata has been a pioneer in the industry since developing the world’s first 3G connected vehicle device. In 2017 Siyata launched the world’s first 4G LTE all-in-one fleet communications device providing a much more reliable and faster service to their clients.

Siyata’s potential market opportunity is huge

The potential market size for Siyata’s products just in North America is well over $11 billion. In 2017 there were approximately 1.2 million commercial vehicles just in Canada, hence Canada is another large potential market that Siyata Mobile is now accessing.

Siyata’s flagship device

The Uniden® UV350 is a connected all-in-one vehicle smartphone and Siyata’s flagship device. Delivering crystal clear voice calls, the device was designed specifically for commercial vehicles ensuring safer communication for professional drivers by providing an all-in-one device that declutters a driver’s dashboard. This now means a driver doesn’t need a cell phone, a 2 way radio communications device, or even a GPS navigation system, as even a simple phone call can be done by a mobile app called Push-to-Talk Over Cellular. The UV350 creates in-vehicle efficiencies never seen before in the commercial fleet and vehicle market.

On December 28 2018, Marc Seelenfreund CEO and Chairman of Siyata Mobile, provided an update on the Company’s progress of 2018 initiatives and insights for 2019 stating:

“We started 2018 with specific targets in mind. Despite the lengthy process that comes with cellular device launches with Tier 1 operators, we have kept moving in the right direction and reached a few critical milestones. We believe that 2019 will be a great year for Siyata with significant revenue and margin growth as we roll out the UV350 in the United States, Canada and other international markets.”

That roll out into Canada was announced on January 7, 2019 as the Company delivered on its first purchase order through a Tier 1 cellular operator to a Canadian transportation company for 180 Uniden® UV350 in-vehicle smartphones.

CEO Marc Seelenfreund added: “This marks a very important milestone for Siyata and proves our smartphone solution is recognized as a superior upgrade to the existing status quo of multiple in-vehicle devices.”

Siyata Mobile is the first and only company to offer a dedicated in-vehicle 4G/LTE cellular solution for the next generation of fleet communication in North America. For fleet drivers the benefits include greater safety and ease of use to operate from one all-in-one device rather than several devices.

Siyata also offers rugged phones for industrial users and signal boosters for remote homes, buildings, and fleets with poor cell coverage. The Company’s customers include cellular operators, commercial vehicle technology distributors, and fleets of all sizes throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Examples of industries served by Siyata Mobile

Industries served by Siyata Mobile

Having been named in the Venture Top 50 for 2018, the Company aims to become the connected vehicle communications device company of choice for commercial vehicles and fleets around the world. Siyata Mobile is off to a good start with 2019 revenues forecast to more than double towards CAD$ 50 million, and for the Company to become profitable in 2019.


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