Nano One adds another global partner in the race for high performance lithium ion batteries in the EV market

Electric cars and trains are older than most people think. EVs have been talked about since they were invented in 1834. Postwar 1940’s, Japan developed an electric car as a result of fuel shortages. After the oil crisis of the 1970s, that saw massive oil prices hikes, interest in electric cars was rekindled. The US Department of Energy funded efforts to try to make a cost-effective electric car.

Modern day high performance electric cars require affordable high performance lithium-ion batteries

In recent times Tesla has lead the way with high powered and trendy electric cars that are becoming increasingly popular, affordable, and with huge waiting lists. Tesla Model 3 was launched and soon after had a waiting list of ~400,000. More recently Porsche had to double its production capacity to 40,000 units for the initial 2020 model year to meet pre-order demand, after having an initial 20,000 waiting list soon after launch.

Both these examples show huge pent up demand for high performance and (mostly) affordable electric cars. Essential to better electric cars is, of course, the batteries and the components that drive these vehicles. This is where specialty companies can make a huge difference.

Nano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO) is working in the nano-tech space to make the wonders of nano-materials affordable. They do this using a scalable industrial process for producing low cost, high performance, battery materials, as well as other advanced nano-structured composites.

Nano One has extensive partnerships – Pulead, Saint-Gobain, Volkswagen and 20 other strategic interests

Having partners like Pulead Technology (one of China’s leading Li-ion battery cathode producers), Saint-Gobain and just recently Volkswagen Group Research, Nano One now has a pipeline of 20 plus strategic interests to address the massive demand for advanced battery nano-technology. Continued support from a growing list of all-star partners will see Nano One weather the coming tsunami that is the EV revolution.

Nano One adds another partner – A global leading OEM to develop high performance lithium ion batteries

Nano One now has recently announced another new project partner that is a global leader in innovation and commercialization of cutting edge technologies. In this latest agreement Nano One will receive a purchase order from a Global OEM, in the amount of C$ 550,000 to jointly evaluate the processes involved in the innovation of cathode materials in high energy lithium ion batteries. The aim of this agreement is to improve the stability and durability of nickel rich cathode materials for electric vehicle applications. This will align Nano One with a major automotive strategic to identify and commercialize a new generation of lithium ion cathodes and batteries. Project details and commercial terms are confidential.

Materials will be evaluated using Nano One’s proprietary processes, under automotive testing conditions. The goal will be to identify promising processes, material formulations and to explore future opportunities advancing these technologies to commercialization.

Nano One CEO, Mr. Dan Blondal said: “Our project partner is a global leader in innovation and commercialization of cutting edge technologies. We are very excited to be working with a company in the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. Their knowledge in the field and application of innovative battery materials is complementary to our processing technology and scale up expertise.”

Nano One also recently received a $5 million approval from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to support their Scaling Advanced Battery Materials Project.

Nano One continues to make all the right moves by building up powerful partnerships with key EV industry players. Nano One Materials Corp is headquartered in Burnaby, Canada; and has a market cap of C$ 93.5 million.