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Michael Lende on the rising demand for Predictiv AI’s touchless and non-invasive ThermalPass fever detection system

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InvestorIntel’s Peter Clausi speaks with Michael Lende, President and CEO of Predictiv AI Inc. (TSXV: PAI), about the increasing demand for Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass fever detection system.

In this interview Peter asks Michael about their recent news release where they confirm orders for another 34 units, taking their total sold to 62 since its commercial launch barely eight weeks ago. “Back in April it was nothing, but a discussion — we didn’t have any tangible product called ThermalPass.”

Michael explains how ThermalPass has gone from concept to revenue in less than nine months, and when asked about competitive advantages, explains that “It is all about quality and scalability and we have both going for us.” Adding how each ThermalPass does not use cameras, which ensures individuals privacy and anonymity, he continues “We collect data without encroaching on a person’s privacy.” He notes that the “United States is discontinuing use of Chinese camera-based detection by August 2021.”

The ThermalPass is a touchless fever detection system that uses non-invasive technology that can take 1200 readings per second and may process as many as 60 people per minute. Approved by Health Canada as a class 1 medical device unit, the ThermalPass has 24 medical-grade thermal sensors and enhances public safety by providing fast, touch-free scanning of people at entranceways of high-traffic, public locations to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other fever-bearing contagions. “Once COVID goes we want to have something that is sustainable for fever detection and other contagions,” Michael said.

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