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Is Game Land (eSports) where we really want to be?

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Almost a decade ago I went to Reykjavik to tour the EVE corporate offices after they had broken the world record for most simultaneous users in the world actively participating in an online game. Prior to this, I had toured Electronic Arts Montreal facility, and wondered whether or not Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick could have fathomed his publishing royalties for “I want you to want me” with Guitar Wars.

Today? Sifting through all of the gaming and eSports market noise and in particular watching what’s happening in the Canadian markets am trying to determine how not to miss out on what many are telling us will inevitably be the next bull market?

But is it? Yes, the line-ups are real for activities, and yes, its promising to become a new Olympic sport as “eSports still on track to appear at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games as a side event” but is this game land really the place where was as shareholders want to be?

I would like to thank the ‘real’ eSports fans in the market for sending me updates and notes on what they think really should matter to the market. We are here to record what the market values through performance. For instance, the Enthusiast Gaming merger seemed to have had its intended market consequence with $EGLX.V up 49.06% since the New Year. Also we do agree with a note that applauded the announcement from League of Legends using Nielson for measurement as a positive, as this industry will benefit from measurement data towards quantifying viewership. Other news highlights we are reading are not translating into higher market valuations, we will include more industry update in future updates.

For now we are following 25 eSports and Gaming companies with an associated 3 trading on the NYSE, 10 on NASD, 7 on various OTC boards, 1 TSX, 7 TSX Venture and 5 on the CSE. If you see anything we are missing, just let us know. Here’s their uptick (or not) since the New Year versus what they closed at yesterday on Wednesday, July 3rd:

[Note – Super League Gaming just started trading on February 26th.]

If you want some general understanding of the market today, here’s a piece we published yesterday titled It’s the real deal, millennial driven eSports is the next big thing.



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