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InvestorIntel Officially Launched for Entrepreneurs and Investors

| April 17, 2014 | 3 Comments

Jack Lifton and Chris Ecclestone on BNN’s Commodities Thursday, April 17, 2014

InvestorIntel-LogoApril 16, 2014 — Toronto, ON – ProEdge Media Corp., an online media company since 2001, is pleased to announce the official launch of InvestorIntel.com (“InvestorIntel”). InvestorIntel is a leading global investment intelligence news source for the innovative and entrepreneurial minded.

Tracy Weslosky, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of InvestorIntel comments: “My goal was simple — hire the brightest minds to attract the sharpest audience. InvestorIntel is committed to providing the best all-original content in the financial sectors we cover. By securing top industry experts, analysts and business journalists alike we have provided an online community for information and debate that averages nearly 10 million hits a month and growing.”

InvestorIntel, which went live June 15, 2013, is nearing their first anniversary since starting their first blog covering the markets in 2004. Having published close to a 100 sites, ProEdge is now focused solely on InvestorIntel.

With over 2 dozen editors worldwide contributing daily to InvestorIntel, business content is led by veteran journalist Robin Bromby and geopolitical expert Alessandro Bruno.  Our regular feature columnists include Asian correspondent Hongpo Shen and Sr. Analysts Chris Ecclestone, Jon Hykawy and John Clarke. Technology Metal specialist and well-known speaker Jack Lifton is the Sr. Editor and Commentator alongside Tracy Weslosky for both InvestorIntel and subscription only InvestorIntelReport. Dr. Luc Duchesne pens features on the latest Technology, Cleantech and Biotech companies in the market. As per the sub-title, columnists Jack Lifton and Chris Ecclestone will be interviewed separately on the same episode of BNN’s Commodities tomorrow on April 17th between 11:30-12 PM EST.

“We have a unique membership model for both companies and subscribers that to-date has been referral based only. The present success we are having with our video-articles for instance, shows us clearly that information transmission no matter how good must utilize the latest ever-changing online technologies. Companies like ourselves respect the power, speed and chaos of online media for messaging and there is no question that this technology is disruptive on every level. This said, online media is the source for news, entertainment and education; and to ignore this component in business from marketing to sales to investor awareness is perilous at best.”

InvestorIntel is comprised of an A-list audience that includes industry leaders, high-net-worth investors and intellectuals from the U.S. (+35%), Canada (20%), Australia (+18%), and European community (UK, Germany and Netherlands: 15%). Coverage presently includes: Rare Earths & Technology Metals, Graphite & Graphene, 3D Printing & Technology, AgriBusiness, Biotech, Cleantech, Oil & Gas, Uranium & Nuclear Energy and Gold, Base & Precious Metals.

For more information, Contact:

Sue Glover
Marketing & Communications
#600 – 80 Richmond St. W.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 2A4
T: (+1) 416.581.0177×106
Sue@InvestorIntel.com | InvestorIntel.com


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  • jake

    well done Tracy! Congratulations to all involved 🙂

    April 16, 2014 - 2:31 PM

  • Ian Chalmers

    Well done Tracy and team. Getting a sophisticated website up and running successfully is probably as tough as getting a rare earth and rare metal project in to production!!

    April 18, 2014 - 3:11 AM

    • Tracy Weslosky

      It is a distinct honor to have you comment on InvestorIntel Ian – thank you.

      As many of you may know, Alkane Resources has been a distinguished member of our online community since 2009 and has been a leader in the rare earth industry since before most of the companies in the sector were even started. With the recent injection of revenue from your Tomingley gold project, the deal with Shin-Etsu that clearly illustrates Alkane’s position as a global player we are privileged to have access to some of the top senior and most knowledgeable players in the business.

      I would also like to thank you personally Ian for recommending Robin Bromby. Robin writes 3 times a week like clockwork and is consistently one of the leading journalists that we work with and has been our lead editor for several years now, thank you.

      Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again for your support. Tracy

      April 20, 2014 - 1:42 PM

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