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Will ZEN Graphene Solution’s graphene be the next big thing?

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Graphene is a potential new super material. With super strength, flexibility and conductivity there is not much graphene cannot potentially do.

Potential graphene markets

Samsung is working on graphene batteries now

Graphene batteries are expected to offer advantages such as quicker charge times and longer lasting batteries. Tech giant Samsung wants to start using graphene batteries in their devices. Samsung is currently testing graphene batteries that are capable of re-charging in 30 mins. The tech company wants to have at least one handset using this new battery technology within the next two years. Graphene technology also offers the advantages of less degradation over time as well as less weight from the battery overall.

ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. (TSXV: ZEN) (ZEN) is a graphene focused company in Canada. In 2011 ZEN discovered a one of a kind, igneous-related, graphite deposit in Northern Ontario. Known as the Albany Graphite Deposit, it is the only known high purity, fluid related (volcanic) graphite resource that is under development in the world.

Most importantly ZEN’s Albany graphite is readily convertible to graphene.

The Albany Graphite Project

ZEN can convert their graphite into higher valued graphene

ZEN’s custom purification process results in a graphite product purity of approximately 99.8% Cg. This becomes a high quality precursor graphite that is ideal for the production of graphene and graphene derivatives that can be used in a wide variety of applications including graphene-enhanced concrete and other composite materials. This discovery was made at a time when graphite and graphene were gaining global prominence with ZEN’s custom purification process marking a significant step in the evolution of graphene production.

ZEN has signed a MOU with the University of British Columbia (UBC), School of Engineering. ZEN will support graphene research and application development for three years with a committed minimum contribution of $100,000 per year. ZEN is already supplying samples of its graphene and graphene oxide to the School of Engineering where preliminary testing has begun in the following applications:

  • In multiple battery technologies.
  • As an additive in cement-based composites.
  • As an additive to aluminium and aluminium alloys.
  • As a diesel and jet fuel additive.

Dr. Bichler, Associate Professor of Engineering at UBC, commented: “The three-year project, slated to begin this summer, challenges UBC engineering researchers to develop the next generation of stronger and lighter composite materials.”

It is expected new composite materials will be the result with characteristics long beyond the reach of engineers and scientists using traditional material processing techniques. This, in turn, will enable ZEN a clear focus on getting its Albany Graphite Deposit graphene product to market more rapidly.

ZEN received a $1.0 million grant

In May 2019 ZEN announced a $1.0 million grant that will accelerate graphene enhanced concrete research and development. ZEN recently received a $290,192.72 reimbursement payment for the eligible expenses during the quarter ended June 30th 2019. The grantor will reimburse ZEN on eligible expenses directly related to graphite purification, graphene production research, concrete additive research and large scale graphene enhanced concrete testing.

ZEN has also recently arranged a non-brokered private placement financing to raise approximately $1.0 million. The proceeds of the offering will be used to fund ongoing work on the Albany Graphite Project. This will also include environmental studies, graphene R&D, material processing and for general corporate purposes. Back in April ZEN announced that it had commenced work on the environmental baseline studies to support the development of the Albany Graphite Project.

Graphene battery technology is only one of many exciting developments ZEN Graphene Solutions is looking forward to in its MOU agreement with the University of British Columbia, School of Engineering. Graphene might one day be one of the world’s most useful materials. Only one carbon atom thick, it’s many times stronger than steel, highly flexible, and a good electrical conductor. As silicon transistors approaching the minimum size at which they can be effective graphene could even replace silicon in our electronic devices, making them faster than ever before.

Right now graphene uses are in their infancy; however, ZEN Graphene Solutions is working hard to help commercialize graphene and make it the next big thing.

ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. is headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada; and has a market cap of C$ 24 million.


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