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Uragold CEO on securing funding and 20 year solar grade silicon metal off-take agreement

| December 14, 2015 | 1 Comment

December 14, 2015 — Bernard Tourillon, CEO and Chairman for Uragold (TSXV: UBR) in an interview with InvestorIntel Publisher Tracy Weslosky discuss the recent $5 million funding commitment and 20 year solar grade silicon metal off-take agreement with a Taiwanese venture capital group. Bernard discusses having the exclusive worldwide licensing from Pyrogenesis for PUREVAP™ QVR technology that will help Uragold “go directly from a mining company to selling the end product that is required to make solar panels which are very in demand.”

Tracy Weslosky: I just read your news release, which is fantastic. You had a $5 million dollar funding commitment from a Taiwanese source. Is that correct?

Bernard Tourillon: That is correct. It’s a $5 million dollar funding commitment over the next 2 years. It allows us to reach all our next strategic goals over the next 2 years to get ourselves in a great position.

Tracy Weslosky: I also read, that the deal includes an offtake agreement which will provide exclusive rights for these Asian investors over the next 20 years to market you to solar marketing or solar manufacturing companies in Asia, including China. Is this correct?

UragoldBernard Tourillon: That is correct, but what has to be understood is we’re a small company: we’re not in a position to have an immediate selling team in China. China’s a big market. It’s where you want to enter so you want a strategic partnership with people that understand how to sell material down there. Second of all, everything is related to building what we call the generation 2 plant, which is a 2,000 ton per year plant. The offtake agreement and the agreement is limited to the capacity of that plant. Everything else will have additional and will be negotiated between the two parties. It’s really limited to the first plant that we’re building, which is what they’re helping us finance and helping us to get started.

Tracy Weslosky: Of course, it is substantial that you have secured funding and a strategic partner, but I’d like you to tell our audience a little bit more about this Pyrogenesis technology that you have the exclusive worldwide licensing for?

Bernard Tourillon: Okay. The PUREVAP technology — we call it the PUREVAP Quartz Vaporization Reactor (PUREVAP™ QVR) what it does it basically allows us to remove all the impurities in the quartz, including the oxygen, the O2 because quartz is SiO2, and what you need  to make solar panels is ultrahigh purity Si. It allows us to do that in one operation in an efficient way, a green way and it’s much quicker. It allows a small company like us to be able to go directly from a mining company to selling the end product that is required to make solar panels which are very in demand.

Tracy Weslosky: Just to clarify for our audience it’s my understanding this is going to allow you with –  PUREVAP™ QVR, the Pyrogenesis technology, to become the highest purity lowest cost supplier of solar grade silicon metal and polysilicon to the solar industry. Is that correct?

Bernard Tourillon: Well, that’s definitely correct because right now to make that material for the solar panel, the entrance material is what’s called metallurgy grade silicon metal. That sells right now…to access the complete interview, click here

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