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Tesla and Gold warm market engines

| April 29, 2014 | 1 Comment

LizardFor the week ending April 25, 2014 at market close, InvestorIntel members averaged up +4.04% providing a welcome relief from the prior 2 weeks that had me sleeping with one eye open. And, for the last official REE Leaders Index update: REEL was up 0.30%, closing at 262.57 points versus the high the year before on January 7, 2013 when it hit 702, thank heavens we have an environmentally cognizant Chinese population seeking electric cars and a North American Tesla Gigafactory to save our soul.

InvestorIntel Technology Metals that were up +4.56%. Graphite members up +3.66% — our Gold, Silver & Base Metals members lead the show this week; up +8.34%. Agribusiness, Oil & Gas, Technology, Cleantech, Biotech and Uranium & Nuclear Energy members, close flat with the exception of lithium project and acquisition player Stria Capital Inc. (TSXV: SRA) up +56.52%.

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Speaking of biotech, Chairman of WeedsMD Rx Inc. Michael Kraft text messaged me from the Milken Global Conference where he will be speaking on a panel of fast rising medicinal marijuana players today and let me know he had spoken with T. Boone Pickens last night at the speakers’ reception. Having attended at least 9 of the Global Conferences in the past, I have recommended to numerous clients of mine that are involved in technology and cleantech to participate. I see that Michael Milken has a new event called Partnering for Cures event in NYC in November that is focused on cancer cures and treatment.

With regards to events, I have booked my flight to attend the Metal-Pages rare earth event on June 11, 2014 in NYC and would like to remind InvestorIntel members that we receive a discounted rate. Also, we plan on attending the graphene summit in Manchester, the home of the origins of graphene, where InvestorIntel will be covering this event on June 12-13th. And again, our members receive a discount — please email us if you cannot find your code at info@investorintel.com.

The Top 10 most viewed stories last week on InvestorIntel were as follows:

  1. Lifton & Weslosky Technology Metal Report — Jack Lifton & Tracy Weslosky
  2. The Great Rare Earth Price Recovery – Boldly Backwards Into
    the Future!
    — Jon Hykawy
  3. Fairy Godmother Financiers and U.S. Government classify Molycorp as the one ‘too important to fail’ — Chris Ecclestone
  4. Baotou — with an eye on WTO appeal — signals tough times ahead for Chinese REE producers – Robin Bromby
  5. China’s rare earth exports surge 82.2% in first quarter – Hongpo Shen
  6. Excessive pollution challenges the entire Chinese industrial system to reform – Alessandro Bruno
  7. Once More Unto the Breach – Tesla and the Double-Edged Sword of Technology – Jon Hykawy
  8. Lifton & Weslosky on the Impact of Chinese Environmentalism on Rare Earth Production Decline – Jack Lifton & Tracy Weslosky
  9. Lithium-ion batteries use lithium and graphite — now add some tin to triple capacity – Robin Bromby
  10. BHP changes tack on Jansen while speculation mounts on new Potash Corp. move – Robin Bromby

Stay tuned, as we roll out video interview updates with Lomiko, Largo, Stria and Theralase on cancer treatment later this week.


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  • Tracy Weslosky

    Thought I would publish the lizard shot sent to me from Darcie Ladd of Largo Resources last night. I understand that Jon Hykawy is on their property today. Jack Lifton and I held off on our commentary this week as we are working on a news release…

    April 29, 2014 - 12:07 PM

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