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Electric car materials jet fuel market and uranium gains a pulse

| July 06, 2014 | 2 Comments

Tesla-1InvestorIntelReport, June 2014: The InvestorIntel Gold, Base & Precious Metals members lead for the month of June 2014, up +19.01%; driven by gold and graphite player — Triton Minerals ASX: TON +171.43%. Congratulations Triton as shareholders responded favorably to their June 23rd news release: Significant High-Grade Graphite Intersected at Nicanda Hill and catapulted them to #3 market cap in the graphite sector overnight. Also, please allow me to formally introduce InvestorIntel client Ron Tremblay, President & CEO for Levon Resources – as OTCQX: LVNF lifted +28% and TSX: LVN was up +26.67% for June. In our last interview Ron explains how Levon has a project “pushing a billion tons” of silver plus, how they are positioned to benefit from the global zinc demand (click here for the interview).

Then we had an overdue surprise with InvestorIntel Uranium & Nuclear Energy members +27.44% for the month — and let me add, it did not go unnoticed that Robin Bromby’s piece We are heading for a uranium crisis was the most read article of the month. New member Anfield Resources TSXV: ARY +53.57% and OTCQB: ANLDF +44.27% in June proving that the completion of their geophysical results; not to mention, the addition of outstanding leadership with Don Falconer joining the Board – gets results. Simultaneously the #1 watched video interview last week, and #2 for June was how Mark Smith plans to turn NioCorp into one of the top niobium producers in the world. NioCorp has a uranium project, which is why I mention it here — but it was undoubtedly their June 26th niobium drilling results (click here) that hiked TSXV: NB +37.74% and OTCQX: NIOBF +36.32% for June 2014.

This said, it was the InvestorIntel Graphite & Graphene members that had us singing Kumbaya around the proverbial Tesla Gigafactory campfire this month and counting the days until our backordered Tesla’s arrive (photo above is me and Aubrey Eveleigh of Zenyatta Ventures on a test drive) — up +16.46% on average this month. Jack and I did a commentary on this (click here), which was the #1 viewed InvestorIntel video of the month, and I almost feel like we should have a Tesla index, as Niocorp (niobium), Stria (lithium) and the magnet metals in the rare earth sector were all arguably impacted positively by Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial vision towards securing Tesla materials in North America.

So in June, Triton’s ASX: TON +171.43% clearly lead — followed by yet another surprise contender — Elcora Resources TSXV: ERA up +102%. While you can access my interview with Elcora’s CEO Troy Grant on their plan to produce and deliver high grade Sri Lankan vein graphite in 2014 (click here), it was impressive to see that TSXV: ERA moved up +34% the same day both Jack Lifton and Chris Ecclestone published separate columns on Elcora. I loved Jack’s title ‘The New ERA’ – but not as much as their shareholders liked their June 30th announcement on the appointment of Dr. Ian Flint and the transaction close with Sakura Graphite (click here).

Not to be outdone, Mason Graphite’s TSXV: LLG.V up +10.34% and OTCQX: MGPHF up +7.99% for June after closing an additional financing of $4.15M mid-month (click here). Madagascar’s reinstatement to the AGOA trade regime was good news for Energizer Resources and OTCQX: ENGR was up +10.17%.

As an aside, one of my favorite interviews of the year was June 18th with International graphite player Jean Depatie. Jean took some time to help me understand not only why he believed in Alabama Graphite’s success but why he joined the Board. “I compared it to what we did at Stratmin Graphite and this one came out on top. Although, it was not in production, it smells good and that’s why I joined the Company.”  With this, Alabama Graphite’s TSXV: ALP +8.57% and OTCQB: ABGPG +7.06% in June 2014 (click here to access.

Focus Graphite Inc.’s stayed on the right side of the fence with TSXV: FMS +5.77% and OTCQX: FCSMF +1.82% with their June 25th news release Focus Graphite’s Lac Knife Project’s Benchmark Feasibility Study Reports – and check out Chris Ecclestone’s scandium piece, which includes a nice update on Focus and their deal with Grafoid.

Peter Epstein wrote the 5th most read piece of the month titled All Signs Pointing to a Strong Graphite Market and highlights many of our members. Maintaining a bullish position, he recommends InvestorIntel member Graphite One Resources (TSXV: GPH | OTCQX: GPHOF)…welcome.

The 7th most read article in June included Potash prices have stabilized and looking up by Alessandro Bruno, was closed followed by #9 contender: Meat is the new coal — and what that means for potash and phosphate by Robin Bromby. Proving again, a rising interest in Agribusiness. But Agribusiness or Biotech, I wonder? Where does one place the new corporate cannabis sector as Dr. Luc Duchesne describes it or “cannabiz’ as Alessandro Bruno calls it. Our team attended Greenrush in June hosted by Next Gen’s CSE: N, which rose +14.81% in June. Our team left with new member Grow Pros Inc. – and they lead the sector with CSE: MZO up +33.33% in June.

InvestorIntel biotech star Theralase Technologies Inc. TSXV: TLT up +11.76% in June – after recent results show Theralase poised to add new page to cancer therapy: anticancer vaccine.

InvestorIntel Rare Earth & Technology Metal members were also up in June — +3.23%. And there did seem to be a rally for companies that have magnets, niobium or lithium: or heck, what about funding? It is with the deepest of pleasure that I announce our #1 mover in the rare earth and technology metals sector in June. It is one of the hardest working rare earth companies in the sector — Ucore Rare Metals TSXV: UCU +41.18% and OTCQX: UURAF +39.04% in June as shareholders respond favorably to the Alaskan Governor signing SB99 into law. And for anyone tempted to send me anything but ‘kudos’ to the Ucore team – sit on it. This sector needs some good news, and while I have been the commentator on what I have affectionately referred to as the ‘rare earth fight club’ for the last 5 years: seriously, how about giving a hand to the Ucore team for endless creativity, hard work and understanding that to get this sector to the next level – we need some financial leadership. Let me be the first to start the standing ovation…

Speaking of applause — what about George Bauk of Northern Minerals with ASX: NTU up +16.13% for June 2014. During the month of June, Northern Minerals was putting out news as fast as we could publish it with their Native Title Agreement Signed, Mining Lease Granted, Maiden JORC Reserve, and yes, on track to be in production in 2016 — they are will arguably be the next significant dysprosium mine outside of China (click here). NTU was also featured in one of my favorite pieces this month by Robin Bromby — The death of rare earths, like Mark Twain’s demise, has been greatly exaggerated.

Additional heavy rare earth leaders that also moved nicely included: 1) Geomega Resources Inc. TSXV: GMA up +19.05% on no news and 2) Hastings Rare Metals Ltd. ASX: HAS up +16.28% with several announcements including an updated on drilling completed at Yangibana — I have calls into both companies for interviews ASAP.

Not to be missed is Stria Lithium’s TSXV: SRA up +15.63% movement in June, with the recent announcement of their summer exploration drilling program…this stealth like stock moves as quietly as an electric vehicle.

But while we are all waiting for our Tesla’s to arrive, the InvestorIntel Oil & Gas sector fared very well again; with Tuscany Energy TSXV: TUS +26.67% in June. Their last announcement was May 26th — but it was a good one, as they announced significant increases in revenue, cash flow and production for Q1 2014 (click here).

To access our top performers numbers or stats, that include the most viewed articles – log-on to InvestorIntelReport. If you’re a member, they will be emailed to you tomorrow, or click here to become a member.


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  • Gordon

    Good article Tracy, I follow these sectors closely and concur with your information. Would like to ask , or if I have missed it , haven’t seen a interview with the management of Unanerz in a while , would be nice to hear from management as to the goings on with the mine.

    July 7, 2014 - 10:19 AM

    • Tracy Weslosky

      Thank you for the compliment – as for Uranerz Energy, I do not know the story, or anyone in management. Many companies are retracting marketing and advertorial money – when this is the time to really secure the REAL interested parties: as we are here…in good times, and bad. And I DO like uranium.

      July 7, 2014 - 12:55 PM

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