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Standard Lithium positioned ‘as the largest lithium brine resource in the US’

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It’s very easy to see why lithium is getting so much attention from investors – the new revolution with electric vehicles (EVs) and so many things running on lithium ion batteries is nearly upon us.

Standard Lithium Ltd. (TSXV: SLL | OTCQX: STLHF) is a specialty chemical company delivering an innovative approach to unlocking the world’s next most important energy resource – lithium – by developing technology to extract lithium from brine faster than conventional methods. The Company is focused on unlocking the value of existing large scale US based brine resources that have the potential to be brought into production for battery quality lithium materials. The Company believes new lithium production can be brought on stream rapidly by minimizing project risks at selection stage and by leveraging advances in lithium extraction technologies and processes.

Where possible the company is partnering with active, US-based permitted brine (often bromine) producers and is utilizing a mix of conventional and new lithium extraction technologies based upon project requirements.

Standard Lithium has two key lithium projects:

  1. Arkansas Smackover – Southern Arkansas (Lanxess Project, and TETRA Technologies).
  2. The Bristol and Cadiz Dry Lake Lithium Brine Project – Mojave Dessert California (more details here)

The Lanxess Project in Arkansas USA

The Company’s current focus is the immediate development of its flagship Lanxess Project located in southern Arkansas. This region is home to North America’s largest brine production, with a location that has existing significant infrastructure in-place, and is already permitted for extensive brine extraction and processing activities.

In May 2018, the Company signed up with the global specialty chemicals company LANXESS Corporation (LANXESS) and its US affiliate Great Lakes Chemical Corporation (GLCC), with the purpose of testing and proving the commercial viability of extraction of lithium from brine (tail brine) that is produced as part of Lanxess bromine extraction business at its three Southern Arkansas facilities. Standard Lithium has developed a proprietary process that uses a solid ceramic adsorbent material with a crystal lattice that is capable of selectively pulling Lithium+ ions from the “tail brine” or waste brine after it has gone through the bromine-extraction step. Standard Lithium plans to build a selective lithium extraction demonstration pilot plant on one of LANXESS’s three production facilities.

Standard Lithium’s planned pilot plant on one of LANXESS’s three production facilities

Standard Lithium’s planned pilot plant on one of LANXESS’s three production facilities

TETRA Technologies project – Southern Arkansas

In January 2018, Standard Lithium entered an Option Agreement with NYSE-listed TETRA Technologies, to acquire the rights to conduct exploration, production and lithium extraction on 30,000 acres of brine leases located in an area of the Smackover Formation in southern Arkansas, known to be highly productive. Standard Lithium also announced in January 2019 that Standard Lithium has a maiden Inferred Resource of 802,000 tonnes LCE  (lithium carbonate equivalent) at their South-Western Arkansas Tetra Project. Combined with Standard Lithium’s flagship project the Lanxess Property, this results in a total combined Arkansas lithium brine resource of 3,888,000 tonnes.

Robert Mintak, CEO said: “This combined project in Southern Arkansas positions us as the largest lithium brine resource in the US, a significantly expanding market that currently relies on imports of foreign lithium.”

Prototype Lithium Carbonate Crystallization Pilot Plant produces 99.56% lithium carbonate

Standard Lithium started 2019 strongly announcing on January 9 that the Company has produced its first battery quality (>99.56% purity) lithium carbonate. The battery quality lithium carbonate was produced at the Company’s prototype Lithium Carbonate Crystallization Pilot Plant operated by Saltworks Technologies Inc., at their facility in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Andy Robinson, President and COO of Standard Lithium, commented: “We continue to be very pleased with the performance of our prototype pilot. Whilst we had previously made ‘battery quality’ carbonate at bench scale using our proprietary technology, we consider it an important milestone that we can achieve the same very high levels of purity at the larger scale of our prototype pilot.”

With a combined lithium brine resource of 3.888 million tonnes contained LCE, Standard Lithium is proving they are more than just standard. With a huge lithium demand wave just around the corner Standard Lithium is working hard with their projects to become a new US based lithium producer. Their model of working with existing companies in the brine extraction sector makes Standard Lithium somewhat unique.


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  • Jack Lifton

    Standard Lithium will be one of the lowest cost lithium-from-brine producers in the world, but not because of any proprietary technologies. It has an excellent business model due to top of the line management. That’s always the best metric an analyst can use.

    March 11, 2019 - 4:37 PM

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