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Saxon on Tasman’s Prefeasibility Study and the REE-Awakening of the Rare Earth Market

| March 24, 2015 | 3 Comments

March 24, 2015 — Mark Saxon, President, CEO and Director of Tasman Metals Ltd. (NYSE MKT: TAS | TSXV: TSM) in an interview with Tracy Weslosky, Publisher for InvestorIntel speaks about their recent +77% stock movement in February and their recent filing of NI 43-101 Technical Report on Pre-Feasibility Study for the Norra Kärr heavy rare earth element project in Sweden.

Tracy Weslosky: It has been. It’s nice to have you in-house. Why don’t we just kick off this discussion by saying congratulations — you’re stock price was up +77% (NYSE MKT: TAS) and +68% (TSXV: TSM) last month.

Mark Saxon: Yes. Certainly it’s been a very strong February. It’s nice to have a month like that behind us I suppose. The rare earth sector hasn’t seen really strong trading like that for a very long time.

Tracy Weslosky: Well, you know, what’s interesting to me is it seems to be the rare earth and critical materials right across the board. You have tungsten as well, which is technically a critical material.

Mark Saxon: I guess. We’ve seen the markets reawaken. Perhaps it’s the New Year and perhaps it’s the start of a new cycle. I’m not sure which one, but certainly for our stock in particular the stock was up on very strong volume, which obviously all goes well for the next few months.  

Tracy Weslosky: For all of the InvetorIntel audience that’s currently watching the news out of China, of course, there’s a huge demand or the prices have definitely been rising aggressively in both terbium and dysprosium, yes?

Mark Saxon: Yes, certainly they have. I guess the news from China is very positive for those metals and it’s about time. The prices have been falling for a while and then stabilizing and so we’ve now seen some lift in the prices. Certainly Tasman has a good opportunity to be a large supplier of both those metals.

Tracy Weslosky: Tasman, of course, has got two of the largest projects in heavy rare earths in the world and you just put out your prefeasibility study. Can you please give us an update?

Mark Saxon: So we just published the prefeasibility study Tracy for our Norra Kärr project, which is Tasman’s flagship. Obviously, as I think we’ve said, it’s in Sweden. It’s got great infrastructure, a very large deposit and we have done the prefeasibility on a 20-year mine life, although it’s very much larger than that. I guess the key thing, you know, in the prefeasibility we’re focused on having a very simple processing flow sheet. The technology and the chemicals that are required are very simple, are used widely in Sweden today. Much of the technology we’re using is Scandinavian and so very, very simple and not dependent on any new and untested technologies. That means there’s a very high level of trust in the process. The financials are good. The rate of return is 20% after tax. The capex is $375 million. It’s very cheap on the current market and certainly that’s one of the lowest capex’s for a major dysprosium producing project….to access the rest of this interview, click here

Disclaimer: Tasman Metals Ltd. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel.


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  • Manu,


    Please correct me if I am wrong but it was my belief that both the people you mention recommending TASMAN , Lifton and Ecclestone are NOT independent but paid to undertake this role.
    One is a direct consultant to Tasman (correctly he reveals this in his small print) while the 2nd is remunerated by InvestorIntel for introducing and writing up companies.

    I wouldn’t call this independent but incestuous

    Perhaps some clarity is in order here


    March 24, 2015 - 1:09 PM

  • Jack Lifton


    I, for one, have been a paid consultant on a small scale to Tasman for several years. It is a very well run company with Europe’s outstanding REEs deposit, which is why I will be pleased to remain a business operations consultant to Tasman so long as they wish me to be.
    You seem to have me and Chris Ecclestone and InvestorIntel confused with those who hide their relationships from the public and pretend to be totally disinterested observers. Is the type face of my full-disclosure disclaimer too small for you? If so, I will ask Tracy to enlarge it.

    Jack Lifton

    March 24, 2015 - 1:18 PM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    You are treading on dangerous ground Manu to misinform and mislead our audience.

    InvestorIntel pays all of our editorial team so you can have complimentary analysis. And yes, you are very welcome. The editorial team are n-o-t told what to write as they are top global analysts and experts and this is not our model.

    Christopher Ecclestone, for instance – owns Hallgarten & Co. and is a global analyst with his own opinions that he will defend as his reputation is everything. Likewise, it is true that Jack Lifton is a consultant for Tasman, but that’s disclosed in his bio and throughout the site. He is deemed to be one of the industry’s top experts and we are very lucky to have him. As a top expert, he works for the industry and represents many companies. For the record, Jack is “over 70” years old and he does not write anything he does not believe in – hence his excellent reputation.

    Again, we are proud of our team of top notch editors, and your claim is incorrect.

    March 24, 2015 - 1:21 PM

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