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The next great graphite company to prepare for production in North America

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Gorman-PaulFebruary 18, 2015 — Tracy Weslosky, Publisher of InvestorIntel speaks to Paul Gorman, CEO and Director for Great Lakes Graphite (‘Great Lakes’, TSXV: GLK) about his recent drill results and the high-grade-low capex deposit, which makes Great Lakes the next great graphite company to prepare for production in North America.

Tracy Weslosky: Paul, I want to talk to you about your drill results. You had really two significant results that I’m sure you’d love to highlight for us.

Paul Gorman: We’re very excited about it and the reason why is because drilling for an industrial minerals company is the backbone to understanding your deposit. SRK Consulting has come in and shown us that in order for us to get our deposit to where we want it to be, our resource calculation to where we want it to be, these results had to be good. We came out two weeks ago with the results and they were fantastic. The intercepts were great, the grade was great and it’s meeting all the expectations that we had when we first endeavored on buying Lochaber back in May.

Tracy Weslosky: Well, can you be more specific about these drill results?

Paul Gorman: Yeah. I mean, most of the grade is showing plus 3% or 4%, up to 10%, which means that as a high-grade low-capex deposit at surface we’re able to go in build the mine, build the mine at surface and not have to go too deep. Our costs will be lower, our grade will be higher and our costs going through to the customer will be much lower than the rest of our peer group.  

Tracy Weslosky: For anyone out there in InvestorIntel audience land, Great Lakes Graphite has one of the best group of shareholders I’ve ever experienced in my life. In fact, you have, like, diehard shareholders. Everybody I meet on Bay Street are all shareholders of Great Lakes. Can you tell me why? Is it your personality Paul or is it the story?

Paul Gorman: I think it’s the story. I think if you look at Great Lakes Graphite, you look at the Lochaber, you look at our team, you look at our customers, you look at the whole package and then you look at where we’re trading, how can you not love Great Lakes Graphite? We have the team, the infrastructure. We have the deposit that’s now coming to resource calculation. We have SRK Consulting doing all our work, which is one of the most well-known groups out there doing all of the work for us. We’ve got a perfect storm right now brewing. We think that graphite, we think that industrial minerals, we think that this world’s about to explode with all the good news coming out at the macro level and we’re just focusing on what we need to do. These shareholders have been behind this because they understand what we’re doing. They understand our management team’s capabilities and most of all they love the fact that graphite is going to be one of the major chemistries going into the new technologies in the new world.

Tracy Weslosky: Of course, I agree with you completely, but now what I’d really like you to do is to take a couple of minutes for those out there who may not be part of the very elite crowd that all own Great Lakes Graphite, can you explain a little bit more about your infrastructure cause it’s my understanding that, you know, you can see your— your infrastructure is, what, 20 miles from Ottawa? To hear the rest of the interview, click here

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