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Musk’s battery drives May market ZEN

| May 12, 2015 | 2 Comments

IMG-20140425-00164InvestorIntelReport: Last week the market news was batteries. Graphite news was good, perhaps thanks to Elon Musk and his Powerwall batteries. His announcement April 30th that his company Solar City wants to put solar powered batteries into homes could be as big as when electricity first went into houses. Luc Duchesne called it the democratization of energy in his article this week. Since graphite is needed for those batteries, it might be why InvestorIntel’s member Zenyatta Ventures Ltd., was up the most in dollar amounts. They also had good news about the refining of their graphite last week. They were third in percentage, up 19.89% ($ZEN.V), and 21.41% ($ZENYF).

The April results reported last week were the best in years, but the first week of May was largely as to be expected, since there was nothing like the new Chinese tax to light fires under rare earth stocks. But that there wasn’t any major corrections after such major gains is as good as could be hoped since numbers like April aren’t likely again soon. Yet Technology Metals company GeoMegA $GMA.V, did very well in that sector, up the most for InvestorIntel members the week at 30.56%. The superstar from last month, Canadian rare earth company Deveron Resources Ltd. $DVR.V, who were up 177%, continued to climb, up 3.7%. However the average for the week was essentially even, down .7%.

GeoMegA announced April 29th that they completed the validation of the key unit operations of the Montviel rare earth and niobium project process flow sheet, supervised by G Mining Services Inc. As well, the announcement stated that results of the metallurgical performances are to be released in May 2015 followed by the updated NI 43-101 resource estimate. As a result the stock price went from $.12 on the 28th to $.23 at the end of the week on May 8th.

The real success story of the week though, was Zenyatta who announced on May 6th, that their graphite has been refined to over 99.9% pure. The testing and verification was done independently by SGS Engineering. The graphite came from Zenyatta’s Albany hydrothermal graphite deposit. This deposit in Northern Ontario is being called a freak of nature, as it is potentially the purest and largest deposit of graphite (the source of graphene), in the world. Currently only Sri Lanka produces lump and chippy dust graphite, the most valuable forms, but Zenyatta might be able to challenge that before long. By the look of the markets, investors seem to think their news is moving them in the right direction. That direction will be greatly aided by home electric batteries which will need graphite and Technology Metals to democratize energy production.

Other strong numbers came from bio-tech company Miraculins Inc. ($MOM.V), who announced good news about their pre-diabetes screening kiosk on April 28th. They did well on the last few days of April, and they continued to do well the first week of May, during which I suggested that the stock of a company tickered $MOM.V might make a good gift for Mothers Day. You would be lucky if you took my advice because the stock was up 9.52% in the first week of May.

Another Tech-Metals Company that did well was gold, zirconium, and rare earth element miner Alkane Resources Ltd., ($ALK | $ANLKY), who were up 9.43% on the ASX, and even on the OTCQX. They announced their quarterly report on April 24th, and have been up and down since, but they were up decently for the first week of May.

The remarkable rises in stock values in April were the result of the major shakeup that China caused with the tax replacing quotas. That those numbers weren’t followed by major corrections the week after the tax took effect May 1st is as good as could be expected. No one had seen numbers like April in many years, so the fact that they are stable is good news indeed. Several Technology Metals companies did well, and graphite news was excellent. All in all, even was good for the beginning of May.

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  • Tom

    Why not a Tesla-Zen JV or buyout?

    May 12, 2015 - 9:55 PM

  • Fred

    Tom, 2 reasons:

    It would tie up Tesla’s money, possibly turning it into a Great Western.

    And Tesla is selling image: snazzy cars, and a brilliant move towards the renewable energy field. Graphite has yet to capture the public’s imagination.

    After Tesla has a few years of solid sales, and has successfully cultured the imaginations of its potential customers, this would be a stronger possibility.

    May 13, 2015 - 12:41 AM

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