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Strengthening our World with Niobium and Scandium

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December 18, 2015 — Today we have the pleasure of sharing the presentation that Mark Smith, President, CEO and Executive Chairman of NioCorp Developments Ltd. (TSX:NB | OTCQX:NIOBF | FSE:BR3) gave at the InvestorIntel Technology Metals Summit in Toronto titled Strengthening Our World.

MMark_Smithark A. Smith: Start out with Strengthening Our World, and that seems to be particularly fitting for the elements that we’ll be producing at NioCorp. It consists of niobium as our foundational product, but we also have scandium trioxide. Niobium is, you’ll hear in just a minute, basically strengthens and lightens steel and scandium, interestingly enough, does for aluminum what niobium does for steel so it’s a very interesting combination of elements out at the site and one that we’re awful excited about. We’ll give you our disclaimer. The other thing that was very interesting to me this morning was listening to Natasha. I’m going to try my best not to bore you with this presentation and hopefully create some excitement about this project, but this is, kind of, a standard presentation that we do give publically right now. I’ll try to make it as fun as I can. NioCorp is traded on the TSX under the symbol NB. We really like that since that’s the elemental symbol for niobium. We had a lot of very good fortune in 2014. The lower left-hand side of that slide you’ll see a couple of different areas that we excelled in. The very fascinating part to me is all the accolades that you get for stuff like that, that it all originated from our main course of business, which is doing technical work programs to increase the value of the company. That’s what all of those share performance attributes were a result of — was hard work by a very good group of people. I’m very blessed to have a group of people with me that I know and I trust. These are very experienced people. They know how to take a resource and put it into production. That’s our goal in life is we want this project put into production. We also have the good fortune of having some board members on our team as well. Joe Carrabba, who many of you may know from Cliffs Natural Resources, he only has about 40 or 44 years of experience, something like that. Another gentlemen by the name of Dave Beling who thinks that I’m still a kid so I really like him and he’s got over 50 years of experience, including underground mining. The team that we’ve put together and the resources that we can tap into are really quite amazing. On top of that we have excellent people, like Eric and Elaine, from Roche Engineering. That’s just meant to let you know we’re partnering with the right people as well. We’re partnering with Roche Engineering. They’re doing most of the detailed feasibility study level engineering right now. We have partnerships with SRK Engineering. We have partnerships with SGS, with COREM, with Hazen. We have partnerships with Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse and Mackie Research. Those are just some of the names that we’ve decided to do business with…to access the complete presentation, click here


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