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March market offers survival tip: For those that run, run faster.

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InvestorIntelReport: March came in like a lion as I reflect on the experience in the Krueger National Park a few years back when I saw a lion leap into action and devour a gazelle. To this day, I blame myself for this animal’s demise. I was taking photos of a group of gazelles, and a young gazelle, confused with my camera noise and commentary – paused. The result was that a lion leapt from the grasses, grabbed the gazelle by the neck and held it until the life had been squeezed out of its body.Lion-Gazelle

I screamed — our tour guide laughed. He was overjoyed as he said witnessing this type of scene was rarely witnessed by guests of the safari and was a culmination of a great tour that few would see. The irony of his joy against my sadness was not lost as he explained that in the wilderness, it’s all about the hunt.

Found this online by Christopher McDougall, a writer from the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen where he says: “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

Welcome to the March markets as there was there was more than one lion that feasted and more than one gazelle that fell from grace. We had several well-read columns on ‘feasts’ this month including Four Winners in a Takeover – Miocene Metals and OZ written by Peter Clausi or did you catch Ecclestone on the Zombie Apocalypse in Vancouver? He writes “there are a few well-documented mega-zombies that have joined the ranks of the truly dead as the remorselessly unswerving markets continue on the path to nowhere. Most recently Allied Nevada, the one-time multi-billion market cap gold miner joined the ranks of the fallen.” His point? From $45 in its heyday – they were delisted from both the NYSE MKT and the TSX this month: but worst, few seemed to take notice.

On a positive, we would like to thank our InvestorIntel audience as we had 146,812 unique visitors, 618,089 page views and 8,198,564 hits for March 2015. We could not have the linebackers on our editorial team without you, so thank you and thank you to the InvestorIntel members whose memberships provide complimentary content of some of the best market coverage for investors. So who lead the uptick charge for March? You’re going to love this, but back in the races was our aggressive front lead players in the Graphite & Graphene sector — up +15.60%, with Alabama Graphite Corp.  leading the membership with $ALP.V up +56.67% and $ABGPF + 49.27%: while InvestorIntel members closed flat @ +0.95% for the month. Moving northward closely was our Uranium & Energy members — up +11.06%, the Technology sector was up +7.73% and our Oil & Gas sector moved +7.38%. I officially moved “Rare Earths” off of the navigation bar and put them together with other specialty metals that we call Technology Metals, which flat lined at -0.99% for March. On the downward trend, our #MMJ members were down -1.95% and Gold, Base & Precious Metals were also down -7.81%.

So what happened with these sectors in March? And do you want to know what our audience was reading? We outline the leaders, their accomplishments and show you how they moved in our InvestorIntelReport. If you’re a member, log-in here or wait for Asher to email this directly to you shortly; and/or click here to join the InvestorIntelReport.


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