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Is the golden age of Technology Metals upon us?

| May 04, 2015 | 13 Comments

Queen-Elizabeth-I-Cate-Blanchett-in-Elizabeth-The-Golden-Age-3InvestorIntelReport: Jack Lifton was right that April was the best time ever to invest in our sectors. Graphite & Graphene stocks lead the way up 24% on average, followed by Technology Metals stocks at 20%. The average for our Members is over 12%; eleven companies were up over 25%. The top five were all up over 50%. The top three were, Cobre Montana, who just joined us this month, who were up 130%. At number two, Neometals was up over 152%, perhaps due to their recent divestment of gold assets to focus on technology metals, especially lithium. Our number one performer, Deveron Resources, is up over 177% on no new news! Publisher Tracy Weslosky said, “I haven’t seen market action like this in over several years.”

At number four,Texas Rare Earth’s returned as a Member in time to rise 58%. They had several significant new developments of late. They recently signed a uranium off-take agreement with Areva Resources Canada Inc. As well, in March their Advisory Board Member Dan McGroarty was interviewed on CBS ‘60 Minutes’. The final over 50% performer was Elcora Resources, who also just returned to InvestorIntel last month and rose almost 53%. Other new Members this month include Canadian Metals, Aurora Cannabis, Contagious Gaming, Critical Elements, and H20 Innovation. Other returning members are Theralase Technologies, Niocorp Developments, and Largo Resources.

The following companies  made gains of over 25%: Carlisle Goldfields, up over 47%, whose stock continued to rise after releasing a Feasibility Update on April 29th and announcing the start of exploration drilling. Tasman Metals, up over 45%, Search Minerals, up over 42%, Frontier Rare Earths, up over 34%, and Alabama Graphite, up over 29%, and Tuscany Energy up 25%.

The increases for REE (rare earth elements) Co.’s can partly be attributed to the end of Chinese quotas that was announced April 23rd, and replaced with a resource export tax on May 1st. The numbers are impressive for all sectors, but minerals, specifically Technology Metals are leading the way. This is a welcome change after years of declines in the industry.

The most viewed interview/article of the month was on April 11th with Jack Lifton explaining why this is the  “very best time ever to invest in REE’s”. And looking at April numbers — Jack was right again. When the Chinese announcement came less than two weeks later, stocks rose considerably. Hopefully you took their advice because the prediction came true so quickly, but if you didn’t make the move, it might be too late as gains like these are not likely again soon. But you never know what will happen as a result of the end of Chinese quotas. Perhaps a golden age of Technology Metals is coming? One thing is for sure, now that the stocks are not so undervalued, it is a good time to be mining Technology Metals again.

The top 5 most read articles were all written by different authors but they continue the trend of all being Technology Metals related. There was also a good deal of interest in lithium and graphene this month. There is lots of news about lithium batteries, and the Graphene Breakthrough article by Robin Bromby shares news about a possible breakthrough in a one-step refining process that could make the liberation of graphene from graphite. He says it could cause, “extraordinary profits.” We will see if that leads to a possible “transformational year.” The one biotech Company that did very well, Miraculins, has released good news from the FDA about their diabetes screening device in time for Mothers Day, as their ticker on the TSXV is $MOM. Perhaps Miraculins stock might make a good gift for mom on May 10th?

So the most significant news was either the Chinese announcement of the end of quotas and a new export tax, or the impressive rise in stock prices of so many InvestorIntel Members. The two are certainly linked, and the prediction of April being a good month to invest was certainly true. Now that the tax has taken effect on May 1st, it will be a very interesting time to keep an eye on REE stocks, technology metals stocks, and all of the companies that are Members of InvestorIntel. Congratulations everyone, and happy Mothers Day.

So what happened with these sectors in April? And do you want to know what our audience was reading? We outline the leaders, their accomplishments and show you how they moved in our InvestorIntelReport. If you’re a member, log-in here or wait for Asher to email this directly to you shortly; and/or click here to join the InvestorIntelReport.


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  • Asher Berube

    So there was the Stone Age, The Bronze Age, The Iron Age, The Steel Age and we are now approaching the Technology Metals Age…

    May 4, 2015 - 3:48 PM

  • Chris Donaghue

    The Technology Metals Age? I like it.

    May 4, 2015 - 4:19 PM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    Welcome back Chris! For those that have followed us over the years, if Chris sounds familiar, its because he was one of our best read writers, but he ran off to travel and write music.

    May 4, 2015 - 4:21 PM

  • Mr.Jimmy

    Are you writing “Heavy Metal” song ………hardy har har lol. This could be a year for a billboard #1 !!


    May 4, 2015 - 8:05 PM

  • Simon_Strauss

    Australia’s ASX Listed Rare Earth Companies with a JORC resource haven’t really gotten out of the gates as yet. Could be a good time to Google: Australian Rare Earths

    May 5, 2015 - 2:57 AM

  • asrms

    After Lynas and Molycorp’s experience (and should they survive) I will be very surprised if any more LREE juniors make it and less than a handful of HREE’s. With the production already out there and what will be the reticence on behalf of financiers to get involved, even with off take agreements in hand, I think we will see very few of the present juniors come through (and most of those who do will still suffer some serious ‘bumps’ in the road even after believing they have ‘learned’ from Lynas and Moly’s experience). Just my take after watching the last 4/5 years.

    May 5, 2015 - 10:45 AM

  • Don Burton

    Anyone look at REE prices today? Not sure what is being reported… could use some research!

    May 5, 2015 - 10:55 AM

  • Don Burton

    We have to add the taxes ourselves perhaps? F. ex Asian Metals reports Dy oxide 99% FOB China @ US280-290/kg today

    May 5, 2015 - 11:01 AM

  • Jim

    1. I never get an answer to my questions or thoughts
    when I “Leave a Reply.”
    2. With that said, what is the short term (1 year) and
    long term (over 1 year) prognosis for Lynas?

    May 5, 2015 - 12:34 PM

  • China is looking everywhere for rare earths outside of China? | InvestorIntel

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    May 6, 2015 - 3:35 PM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    Don. There was a lot of research that went into the above, and members of InvestorIntelReport get to see the charts and numbers. These numbers were for the month of April. Judging a market on a daily basis is not useful, but good to always be on patrol (smile). I am with Jack and Chris on this one, but agree that we are just at the dawn of a new era. Lots of news already out here in May….and we are all anticipating Frontier Rare Earths PFS due out shortly. Thanks for visiting.

    May 7, 2015 - 11:40 AM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    Jim – We always listen, but let me be frank: we have done Lynas stories too distraction. Take a look in the search box and type in Lynas and you will see what I mean. Good news though — I interview Jack this Tuesday on Australian Technology Metals and yes: I know, it was rescheduled….thanks for visiting.

    May 7, 2015 - 11:42 AM

  • Don Burton

    Thanks Tracy but it is not a one day blip… it seems to be an across the board adjustment made to all REE prices on Asian Metals. Again, the question to the experts is do those new price levels reflect pre-tax (7.5-11% on LREEs and 27% on MREEs and HREEs) or did the FOB REE market actually drop?

    May 12, 2015 - 10:01 AM

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