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Getting real on market reality.

| November 09, 2014 | 6 Comments

There is a real in the media, and then there is the real-real. Text message on my PDA at dawn yesterday from Bourne Trader reads: “nailed the crude bounce…now awaiting the stock reversal (just a little dip before the rally into Xmas).” Counter this from several sources asking about the “obituary” of Company X in the rare earths sector, not to mention the sound of vultures smacking their lips as another public market tree hits the ground on the TSX Venture Exchange….the best part of present conditions is it is a great time to discover who the real players are.

“It’s been a challenging Fall.” I started with my Mother who is building a self-sustaining log cabin home with my Father on a small mountain in Tennessee. “How can this be?” she responds, and then continues with: “these have been some of the best markets in years.”

Here’s a snapshot at a three year chart on the TSX and then…the TSX Venture Exchange:


She’s right…if you watch CNN and invest in large caps like my conservative Baby Boomer parental unit. Or if you ask “the Wolf” from MarijuanaStocks.com who told me on Thursday that his portfolio this last year made him a princely 2600%. Perhaps you too remembered to sell while chewing your gummies and made a profit, unlike many I know: who are holding some pretty nasty losses, and now use their gummies to relieve the pain. I, of course, work in the emerging markets — so “the bottom of a bear market” is the soundtrack I am officially hearing. Add in, many small caps providing metaphors to mortuaries when describing their offices on Bay and Granville St. and voila, you may want to join the numerous rats leaving a sinking ship and hang out with them at the Vegas Marijuana & Business Expo later this week….or so I have been advised to do.

InvestorIntel-LogoOver the last nearly 6-months, I have been dealing with a lot of depressed CEOs. Not all of them, of course — and I would like to state that many of the ones on InvestorIntel are the exception, not the rules….but being a publisher committed to the translation of reality in a constructive and positive light has made me want to book a vacation and join the perceived high flyers in Vegas later this week…

But wait — I think the real fun has officially starting to percolate on Bay St…

Yes, on Thursday afternoon we noted a shocking rise in visitors on InvestorIntel.com, and we closed Thursday with nearly half a million hits that day. You may not know this, but we monitor another nearly 40 sites on rare earth education, and visitors were up 20-40%, depending on the sector. Interest was up in Gold, Base & Precious Metals, Rare Earths & Technology Metals — Uranium, and yes – Graphite & Graphene was part of the tidal wave. With a scintillating and tantalizing smorgasbord for any M&A or takeover investor to delve into towards preparing for prosperity, I have seen this before…interests increases sharply online, pause – wait, breathe, and then a week or two later: the rally begins.

So for those that have ‘gone underground’ or for the wealthy in our sector who are playing golf….would recommend that you start to reconvene at the club to compare notes as the game is starting to show signs of being back on.

Last week numbers? All virtually flat – will email to InvestorIntelReport members at dawn…..or log-in to access today.


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  • Aat Oskam

    I’m playing golf, but no way I’m wealthy, because I have (many) shares of Lynas, Alkane Resources, Globe Metals & Mining, Tracy…
    But still Im happy’, because I lowered my handicap again!

    November 9, 2014 - 4:08 PM

  • Simon_Strauss

    Hi Tracy, I own a suite of energy and resource related websites with an Australian focus and I also am “hearing” the hoof beats of the up-turn in traffic. It reminds me of when I would go diving and see a large shoal of fish suddenly change direction for no discernible (at least to me) reason.

    I have become more and more interested in this investors’ social patterning behavior and have used several tools to capture the movement. I think that you have described an early indicator for emerging “sentiment” and that specific interest web traffic flows combined with social media analytic tools gives investors at the least a sense of sector and company direction. Today’s ASX outcomes points to the likelihood that action follows sentiment and social media analysis coupled with changes in web traffic to specific sites dealing with confined topics eg Australian rare earths, Australian uranium, Australian gold may give investors useful outcomes.

    November 10, 2014 - 1:51 AM

  • Bill Keenes

    perhaps the next headline could be “Getting real on production timelines” by Jack Lifton “on his fab 4”

    November 10, 2014 - 7:40 AM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    Your bang on Simon. This is why I publish the market review from Australia most evenings as smart investors will undoubtedly see what we are seeing — a pattern that “suggests” forecasting. The online media universe is full of data collectors, but its the ones that are translating it that are going to be the influencers of tomorrow. Visit anytime — as it never gets old complimenting someone for being smart.

    November 10, 2014 - 9:48 AM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    Bill. What can I say, I love Jack’s inability to really care what others think. Do I agree with him? Sometimes, but not always….and I often introduce him to companies and recommend that he takes a second look beyond his “Fab 4” as you call them. This said, I think we should and can agree that his 4 are still standing…we can also agree that there is another “Dirty Dozen” (Eastwood Reference) that are also standing. This week I see 2 going down that were perhaps the loudest and most obnoxious about staying power, which is the usual reminder we all understand — and that is arrogance is simply an opportunity to be an example of others of what happens to you when you act this way…nothing good.

    I publish more than Lifton’s commentaries, and here is Mackowski and Hykawy’s latest analysis that you can also disagree with should you wish….
    Steve Mackowski: The future of the non-Chinese rare earth market http://bit.ly/1EuIqrc
    Jon Hykawy: The Rare Earth Market Evolves http://bit.ly/1oC5Maw

    Thanks for visiting. We do have a good sense of humor here and try to cover as many positions as our budget can handle.

    November 10, 2014 - 9:53 AM

  • Tim Ainsworth

    Interesting data Tracy, perhaps I can add the considerably increased number of OEM’s, particularly German, at this weeks RE conference.
    With the unwinding of the free money game markets are going to need fresh leaders, perhaps people that actually make stuff, and ultimately their suppliers?
    However I think markets, at least initially, will fairly quickly sort those that are actually doing something as against those still promising.
    On that note, interesting to see this morning that SER has attracted a major engineering company to the scoping study for their graphene pilot plant, a prelude to perhaps one of the first commercial bulk apps.

    November 10, 2014 - 11:25 PM

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