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21C focused on the key metals needed to help reduce car emissions: palladium and cobalt

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Two key metals for the 21st century are palladium and cobalt.

Palladium prices have surged as growing demand, as a result of government regulations cracking down on pollution, is forcing car makers to increase the amount of palladium they use. Palladium is now more expensive than gold, with about 80% of palladium ending up in the exhaust systems of cars. Palladium is necessary for reducing emissions from internal combustion engines and is found in the catalytic converter.

Cobalt is the most expensive and most rare of the electric vehicle (EV) battery metals. Cobalt is essential for high energy density electric vehicle batteries, as cobalt makes the battery stable and safe. Supply of cobalt looks to be a major concern as EV demand ramps up, especially post 2022.

21C Metals Inc. (CSE: BULL | OTCQB: DCNNF) is an exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of deposits of production grade metal which are critical components to current and future vehicle technology. In particular 21C Metals is focused on palladium, copper, and cobalt.

East Bull Palladium Project (Ontario, Canada)

The East Bull Palladium Project consists of 992 hectares in Gerow Township, Ontario, Canada. Testing of the historical exploration resulted in a resources estimate of 11.1 million tonnes of ore at a grade of 1.46g/t PdEq for a total of 523,000 ounces of contained palladium. Further exploration highlights a significant potential upside for the resource estimate after further exploration. Infrastructure and access are both quite good with an all-weather access road and a power line 4kms away, also there is a rail line 24kms away.

CEO Wayne Tisdale stated: “We have a really good project in there. We have 522,000 ounces indicated 43-101. We are going to 2 million ounces. It is very mineable, very pittable. It is in great shape and it is drill permitted.”

The East Bull Palladium Project location map

The Tisova Copper-Cobalt Project  (Czech/Germany)

Working with recognized world experts in volcanogenic massive sulfide ore deposits (VMS), 21C Metal’s geologists have developed a preliminary exploration signature for copper/cobalt on the property. The property size is 15,928 hectares and it is currently thought that there may be as much as a 30 km prospective belt. A long history of mining in the area is making the logistics for exploration straightforward alongside a regulatory environment that has a long established regime. The global expansion of the electric vehicle market will increase the demand for cobalt and copper in the next decade.

The Tisova Copper-Cobalt Project is located in central Europe near to many large car manufacturers

8020 Connect social media platform

In a recent move, the company has now joined the social media trend by becoming a member of 8020 Connect, who specializes in the development of niche managed social media communications. To enable greater communications and up to date news, 21C are inviting shareholders, stakeholders and potential investors to connect directly with management on the 8020 platform, 21C Metals Investor Group.

President & CEO, Wayne Tisdale said: “We are excited to have the opportunity to keep all shareholders and interested investors up to date on our palladium and cobalt assets. We have two very exciting projects and it’s important to give shareholders an opportunity to learn and grow with the company.”

In summary 21C Metals offers investors two throws of the dice – Their 523,000 palladium resource in Ontario Canada, and their copper/cobalt exploration play on the Czech/German border. With over $50 million spent, $2.8 million of cash recently raised, and a market cap of just C$ 7.4 million investors are getting great value while mining stock prices are depressed.


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    we can process these metals to nano size and get much more surface area with much less raw material

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