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In memory of Gene Arensberg: the “Vulture King”

| February 08, 2015 | 4 Comments

Gene Arensberg believed in gold and the freedom innate in being American. An investor, a hunter, and a family man: the “Vulture King”, as I used to call him worked tirelessly for something bigger than himself – a debt free America.

gene_arensberg“How do we get the U.S. back on a sustainable path? Frankly I don’t know. The best we can do is prepare as best we can. If the bond market starts to lose much larger amounts of capital, then the Fed will have to become an even bigger buyer of the U.S. debt – even more money printing and more monetary inflation … and eventually an extreme loss of confidence in the fiat currency and financial system.” — Gene Arensberg

Believing that there was a clear correlation between debt and civil liberties, he was an ardent believer in sustainability and how gold and the resource sector could help us rebuild our capital structure. He wrote: “The only way the massive government debts can be repaid is if dollars become like quarters, or dimes, or nickels.” Investing in gold bullion, a self-confessed silver bug; Gene believed this was the road to not only maintain our freedom but build a stronger America for our children.

I was introduced to Gene in what must have been mid 2008 by Brien Lundin. I had noticed that Brien quoted him regularly and that Gene had a strong community of investors that endorsed his writings. Gene and I struck up a friendship, and it was just a matter of months before we collaborated on publishing the GotGoldReport.com.

VultureOver the years, Gene taught me a great deal. A student of analysis, the role of economic cycles and a historian: Gene recognized that challenges in the market meant opportunity was straight ahead. Optimistic, a powerful writer of prose — he used to rally around the most undervalued stocks in the market. He loved the vulture (this is the original one he preferred using over the one I had commissioned for GGR). And we used to have quite the debate on the visual benefits of this bird in communicating his message…because to Gene, the vulture signalled opportunity; which is why I always called him – the “Vulture King”.

“The market always turns” he would say to me. And Gene worked around the clock identifying companies that he believed were at their absolute lowest for a site we built called Vulture Bargains. He said: “The market is being heavily influenced by fear. Therefore we make the case that this is an anomalous, unsustainable condition … not even close to being normal … and therefore probably one of the best opportunities we shall ever see as speculators.”

It seems ironic that we would lose the Vulture King at what would have been his best dining ever with the state of the existing resource market. Told his programmer in Atlanta on Tuesday AM when she called me very distraught that this must certainly be a sign that the market is now officially at the bottom — and that its time to buy.

Gene-Arensberg-Fishing-225x300With a disdain for the conspiratorial-minded, Gene reproached those that utilized fear to make a point and was constantly telling his readers to do thorough analysis, research and read when making investment decisions. He had no time for those that sought shortcuts, and I often begged him to shorten his report, because he would work until — it was done. Often he would work until 3, 4 or even 5AM. Intent on sharing his passion for investing in undervalued stocks in the resource sector, he did numerous private YouTube videos, which you can find by simply doing a search for “GotGoldReport”.

Gene was brilliant, well read and loyalty was king. His assistant was Colette Chapman, who had been with him for decades and will undoubtedly appreciate this when I say — Gene was intent on seeking truths in the market. When he would identify “inconsistencies” in public companies, he would write me with: “Tracy, send company X to the Dawg House”.

On a final note, while there was no question that Gene was every definition of a true workaholic – he was also a romantic. So none of us were surprised, when he ran into his high school sweetheart several ‘decades’ after graduation and married her within a year.

So it is with the irony of this line he sent me in one of our last communications that I pay tribute to a man whose spirit of integrity and passion for sustainability will live long in my work. Gene wrote: “At the other side of the veil — the question definitely will NOT be ‘Did you spend enough time at work?’ Perfect.  Exactly.”

In memory of Eugene Edmund Arensberg Jr. 1956-2015, founder & editor of “The Got Gold Report” (GotGoldReport.com).


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  • Asher Berube

    Truly a Great Individual, He will be missed.

    February 9, 2015 - 9:18 AM

  • Marshal H. Finley

    When I met Gene he wanted me to build a lake out at the ranch . He never did nothing with researching it first . He and I became instant friends. Thanks Gene for being true friend .

    February 10, 2015 - 6:13 PM

  • Glenn Lee

    What a shock to learn of Gene’s passing. I picked up the phone to give him a call. When I found his phone to be disconnected I was concerned and looked online.
    I partnered with Gene on some real estate deals as well as lots of hunting and fishing over the years. Gene was a loyal friend. I can say that he was as intense with his fishing as he was with his research of real estate or stocks and commodities. Our visits have been more infrequent in recent years due to different business interests. When we did talk there was always an invitation to get together at his ranch. Now it is too late.

    July 22, 2015 - 12:07 PM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    Thanks Glenn. This week I let the domain expire VultureStocks.com
    Gene always called himself the ‘Stock Vulture’ and the photo above is one he sent me many years ago. I am certain that there are many people he touched along the way that would be surprised of his passing. Thanks for providing me for a pause in my day to remember our dear friend Gene again as he certainly was a great friend — and he sure loved to fish.

    July 23, 2015 - 11:33 AM

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