Klondike brings the promise of the best underexplored zinc-silver-lead camp in Canada to shareholders

Silver has been regarded as a form of money and a store of value for more than 4,000 years. In Great Britain sterling silver (an alloy containing 92.5% silver) is still used as a currency in banknotes, although don’t expect to redeem your one pound bank note and expect to get a pound of silver back. Silver is used in jewelry, electronics, solar panels, water filtration, and many other industries. Most silver is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead, and zinc refining.

Klondike Silver Corp. (TSXV: KS | FSE: K1SN) have a 100 km2 royalty free land package located in the Slocan Mining camp, in SE British Columbia. Sixty eight of the 173 past producing silver/lead/zinc mines in the camp are located within the Klondike Silver land package. Klondike Silver owns the past-producing Silvana, Wonderful and Hinckley Mines, along with a 100-tonne-per-day permitted flotation mill, as well as other past producing mines and exploration properties.

The Slocan Mining District has produced more than 24m ounces of silver since the first discoveries in the late 1800s, transforming the scenic wilderness into the silver-mining center of Western Canada. The Slocan Silver Camp is located in mining-friendly British Columbia, Canada near main population centers. British Columbia is an important mining province and is Canada’s largest producer of coal, copper and molybdenum. Other important metals and minerals include gold, silver, zinc, and lead.

Klondike Silver’s claims

The Silvana Mine was the largest producer of the 68 historical producers in the Klondike Silver land package: Over 500,000 tons of rock was processed yielding 7,812,077 oz silver, 63,253,498 pounds lead and 57,981,253 pounds zinc. The average Silvana production grade was 13.87 oz/ton silver, 5.62% lead and 5.15% zinc.

At approximately 9 km long, the main lode is the largest and most prolific vein. Klondike Silver’s land package includes over half of the main lode structure and, of that 1.5 km is virtually unexplored (“The Silver Mile”). Klondike Silver Corp. continues to be actively advancing the Silvana project so that the mine can be quickly put back into production. Several milestones have been achieved by the Company so that the 2018 exploration drifting and drilling program can commence along the silver mile section of the Main Lode.

Klondike Silver’s Mill

The Sandon Mill

Klondike Silver has a huge advantage having its own mill onsite. The Sandon Mill is a nominal 100 ton (90.7 metric tonne) facility. It is a standard crushing, grinding flotation system that produces a lead and zinc concentrate. The mill has been in operation for numerous decades and has treated all the Silvana ore-body since 1971. Initially the mill ran on diesel power but is now hooked into the BC hydro power grid. The mill is currently on care and maintenance until enough economic mineralisation can be identified in and around the Silvana Mine.

Klondike Silver has created the first real opportunity to invest in and properly explore a sizable portion of one of the most historic mining camps in British Columbia. Klondike likes to think of the Slocan as the last best underexplored zinc-silver-lead camp in Canada.