Drolet Stock Note: Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. – Developing Costa Rican gold projects by recovering precious metals from mining waste

Mario Drolet President of MI3 Communications Financières Inc. (MI3) released his Stock Notes on Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. (CSE: LUX) for exclusive distribution on InvestorIntel. In this note, MI3 highlighted the following points on Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.:

  • Profitable Gold Recovery Through Environmental Remediation in Costa Rica.
  • Developing gold projects through precious metals recovery from mining waste.
  • Newlox has completed the design & construction of its first 80 tonnes per day processing facility in Costa Rica. Construction is complete, with all significant CAPEX invested, and final ramp-up and optimization is underway.
  • LUX surge in July … having traded over 12 Million shares between $0.05 & $0.145
  • Support: S2; $0.085    S1; $0.125   Resistance:   R1; $0.145     R2; $0.175

About Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.

Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. is an environmental remediation company recovering contaminants and residual precious metals from historical waste left behind over more than a century of inefficient artisanal and small-scale mining in politically and socially stable jurisdictions in Latin America.

The Newlox environmentally and socially responsible business model has been deployed after extensive experience in the region and with the help of the Company’s technical advisors at the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia (“UBC”) which, provides the Company with unique advantages, such as not having to undertake exploration work or mining, resulting in dramatically reduced overall costs.

Newlox also benefits from the high grades characteristic of artisanal mine tailings due to the inefficient processing techniques used by the original miners.


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