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Smartcool’s global expansion for reducing emissions and saving companies money is well underway

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How cool is Smartcool. A company that reduces your emissions and saves you money.

Smartcool Systems Inc. (TSXV: SSC) is a global clean technology company helping some of the world’s largest organizations enhance their profitability while lowering their carbon footprint. Smartcool’s successful technology solutions have lowered operating costs for over a 1000 companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. The Companies unique retrofit technologies can reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems by up to 40%. This technology has been validated by rigorous third party testing, government organizations, and over 28,000 private business installations.

Smartcool is expanding globally

Smartcool’s global expansion continues with the predicted small business energy management market expected to grow by 400% in the new few years. Having made in-roads into the UK with one of the largest suppliers of electricity and natural gas, Smartcool has now established a wholly owned subsidiary in Germany for the purpose of selling its products directly into the German market.

So far Smartcool has completed an installation in Germany at a large international food processing company. This food company has 9 facilities in Germany and a total of 65 locations worldwide. Results of the initial installation will be monitored with savings expected to be up to 40%. Once these savings have been confirmed the Company expects other plants to install Smartcool technology. Clearly this has potential to be a key customer and ultimately country for Smartcool.

Smartcool’s recent achievements and next steps

Smartcool has retained the services of Dr. Georg Hochwimmer to both manage the operations of the Company and build a sales team in Germany. Dr. Hochwimmer states: “The German marketplace is very large, particularly its manufacturing base. The electricity rates are amongst the highest in Europe, far exceeding the costs in the USA.”

Total Energy Concepts

It is also anticipated Smartcool’s wholly owned subsidiary, Total Energy Concepts, developed products will continue to have further applicability for the UK and German markets.

Smartcool has recently appointed Sharon Kordysz as Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Kordysz experience in leading diverse teams will guide Smartcool’s aggressive growth strategy. Responsibilities will include global operations and development strategies of the company, as well as building a team to exceed customer expectations.

CEO Ted Konyi said: “We are thrilled to have her expertise as part of our management group, and under her guidance will continue to expand our operational and sales teams.”

Government’s energy policies that mandate for emission reductions are a strong driver for companies to search out solutions. The combination of high electricity rates in many countries and a need to reduce emissions is creating a tremendous opportunity for Smartcool and their suite of efficiency technologies.

Going green is no longer just a trend. We have been told for years the globe is getting warmer, but many detractors remain in denial. Forward thinking countries are now mandating stricter emission reductions. Smartcool Systems Inc. is offering solutions to help, and are assisting to meet mandated emission reductions, and at the same time saving companies money with reduced costs.

For investors Smartcool is definitely one to follow as they continue to expand globally.


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