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Nevada Zinc CEO on staying ahead of the curve and Lone Mountain

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August 25, 2016 — Bruce Durham, President, CEO and Director, of Nevada Zinc Corp. (TSXV: NZN) in an interview with InvestorIntel Sr. Editor Fred Cowans discuss the +115 percent plus rise in share price in 2016 already and their competitive “stage process” for acquiring projects. They also discuss the drill results from Nevada Zinc’s 100% owned Lone Mountain project in Nevada, which is very leachable and how they have already begun with some metallurgy and initial test work alongside the drilling process.

Fred Cowans: You’re a professional geologist and in street parlance there really in my business lifetime there really hasn’t been all that much found really. There have been very few finds. Your name is associated with quite a number of spectacular finds, two of the three mines in the Hemlo Camp, for example. It can’t be just luck. What’s your methodology?

Bruce Durham: Well, I think Fred some days I’d rather be lucky than smart. I don’t think it’s that we’re particularly smart. I just think you have to go out and really identify a series of characteristics that you’re going to look for and then try to be very diligent about knowing when to stop looking at one area and go to another area. We go through a whole process of identifying projects, tearing them apart, seeing whether we think they’ve really go the potential or not and then moving on to the next one or really sticking with the good ones.

Fred Cowans: What are some of the other names that you have been involved with?

Bruce Durham: I was involved in the early days in Timmins. That’s where I’m from, Timmins, Ontario. We did the early work on a project called the Timmins Nickel Project where we found a nickel deposit. Bob Middleton and myself found the Bell Creek Mine in Timmins, which is now part of Tahoe Resources. We put all of the land together in the west end of Timmins when nobody thought there was any gold out in the west end of the Timmins belt under a company called Bandor Resources, which is now part of Tahoe Resources as well. Then we did a big project up in northern tip of Quebec called Canadian Royalties where we went up and actually found about 8 nickel deposits up there in a series of about 5 years and eventually sold that project to the Chinese so lots of different metals, lots of different areas. I’ve worked across Canada and the U.S. and in South America and across Africa as well so lots of time spent in the field.

Fred Cowans: Your stock is up 115% plus percent this year to date. Your investors must be very happy. Let’s talk a little bit about Nevada and what you were looking for initially when you went to Nevada.

Bruce Durham: We were looking for a project for— the company was called Goldspike Exploration at the time. We were looking for a keynote project that we could work on year-round or in the offseason to the Yukon where our key projects were at the time. I was always looking for something that had those special characteristics that we could go down and actually start on something, you know, that was located in a good jurisdiction, that had good infrastructure and where someone had actually done a fair bit of the initial groundwork for us and where we could go work on a project that didn’t cost a fortune to get into. This project came across my desk. It was a project where some guys had gone down there looking for gold and it actually found zinc and through the crash of 2007 and ’08 lost title to the property and it was sitting there available when we showed up at the door….to access the complete interview, click here

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