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Nano One achieves a new US patent for high energy cathode materials

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Nano One Materials Corp.‘s (TSXV: NNO) mission is to have its core technology be a dominant industrial process for the production of high-performing nano-structured materials worldwide. A key focus for Nano One is improving the lithium ion battery, and more recently reducing the cost and boosting the performance of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode batteries. LFP cathodes are popular in China due to lower cost and greater durability, and are almost exclusively used in electric buses, energy storage, and also many electric cars.

Nano One’s ongoing joint development partnership with Pulead Technology Industry is showing compelling economic advantages that are exceeding internal targets.

Using Nano One’s patented technology the goal is to develop and evaluate the optimized scaled up production of LFP cathode materials for the use in lithium ion batteries. The joint partnership will be exploring licensing and commercialization opportunities as part of the collaboration.

Having identified a low cost, high purity, high volume source of iron that enables the process, Nano One is able to eliminate an intermediate step in the supply chain. The savings from that are very much in line with the Company’s goals as joint development work now proceeds to determine the full scale production economics and an optimized path to commercialization.

Mr. Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One commented: “Nano One’s technology mixes lithium, iron, phosphate, and a carbon coating in a one pot process and the joint development results have exceeded our targets in terms of both cost reduction and performance.”

Nano One’s partner joint development Pulead is a global leader in cathodes for Li-ion batteries

Joint development partner Pulead

Pulead Technology is a global leader in LFP production looking to expand its capacity in a rapidly growing market. As a major source of revenue, Pulead is excited by the commercial opportunity presented by Nano One’s ground breaking innovations. Considered globally to be the safest, the longest lasting and the lowest cost of all lithium ion batteries, market demand for LFP is anticipated to double to over 200,000 tonnes per year in 2025. Seen as an environmentally superior alternative to lead-acid batteries, LFP batteries are most widely used in China where officials have reported that 61% of passenger vehicles and 94% of buses will use LFP batteries.

Nano One has several other partners including Saint-Gobain and Volkswagen Group Research.

Nano One achieves a new US patent for high energy cathode materials

In the race to commercialize lithium ion battery powered electric vehicles, Nano One has been issued a new US Patent that adds value to Nano One’s high energy cathode materials. It defines the unique physical form of the powdered materials and provides a proprietary means of improving durability, safety, handling, and cost. This is a significant process as it defines the properties of cathode powders rather than the process to make them. The new patent will complement Nano One’s process patent portfolio and will add to the Company’s strategy, alongside key partners to develop a new generation of low cost and durable high energy cathodes. This is an important cornerstone in the execution of Nano One’s business plan and provides valuable leverage going forward.


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