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Focus on energy efficiency technology acquisitions increases Kontrol Energy’s portfolio

| January 30, 2019 | 1 Comment

Buildings in North America are wasting up to $60 billion in energy mismanagement every year, in addition they can account for up to 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. The solution is to create or transform a building into a smart building that is beneficial for both the owner and the organizations working within. These benefits range from energy savings to productivity gains to sustainability.

Kontrol Energy Corp. (CSE: KNR) provides energy efficiency solutions and technologies to commercial energy consumers in North America and internationally, by using such technology as the internet of things (IoTs), data analytics/cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company offers smart energy management systems installation; energy retrofits, energy auditing, monitoring and verification. Kontrol helps design your own version of a smart building and integrate various buildings systems to help you reduce energy costs, improve building operations, and support sustainability efforts.

Kontrol is expanding into emission and odor compliance services

It’s not just smart buildings that the company service. ORTECH Consulting Inc., a fully operating subsidiary of Kontrol, has been engaged to provide emission and odor compliance services to a Cannabis company based in Ontario.

Paul Ghezzi, CEO of Kontrol Energy said:  “As we continue to share our energy and emission services to the Cannabis market, we continue to gain new customer wins. Energy costs continue to be a primary concern for licensed producers, however emission and odor compliance are increasingly important as municipalities update their requirements.”


Energy retrofits and emission compliance remain a focus

The immediate area of strategic focus for the Company is to grow its current operations in energy retrofits and emission compliance with an aim to expand across Canada through a number of growth acquisitions. An energy retrofit represents an upgrade to the energy performance of an existing commercial building that seeks to improve energy efficiency or decrease energy demand. Kontrol’s customer base includes large integrated oil and gas producers, mining conglomerates, global cement companies, and industrial manufacturers.

Kontrol Energy targets organic growth and acquisitions in 2019

In addition to accretive acquisitions, the Company is targeting organic year over year growth rates above 20%. The organic growth will be primarily driven by the Company’s energy technology and revenue synergies across the Company’s operating subsidiaries.

Paul Ghezzi CEO continued: “Our 2019 growth plan includes establishing a national footprint through an acquisition in both Western and Eastern Canada. Further, as a growing share of our revenues are being driven by US customers, we have recently added a Texas sales office.”

To keep the acquisition theme going Kontrol announced it has also purchased the IP and Patents of Dimax Controls Canada Inc. and re-branded the energy software technology as Kontrol SmartSite®. This follows the successful acquisition of the operating assets of MCW Dimax Ltd. in April 2018. The IP includes 2 US patents and 1 Canadian patent and has been structure as an asset purchase.

Paul Ghezzi, CEO said: “We are pleased to have now closed on the IP and patents which will enable further technology development. The Kontrol SmartSite® technology now joins Kontrol SmartSuite® in our growing portfolio of IOT enabled energy and property technologies.”

Then just today Kontrol Energy announced: “Kontrol Energy enters global market with the launch of SmartMax® energy gateway.” The SmartMax system is an evolution on the Company’s previous system DiMax technology, or an enhanced energy management software platform. Through proprietary technology Kontrol can gather data related to heating, cooling, and electricity and send that data into Kontrol’s cloud architecture where the data is analyzed in real-time. This then allows buildings to be run more efficiently and economically.

It has been stated numerous times that its not about what you earn but what you save. Kontrol Energy is saving companies money using smart technologies, smart solutions, smart management, and smart acquisition to enable them to have “Kontrol” over business savings in the ever increasing energy market.


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  • Bree Ward

    It’s good to know that your company is finding ways to provide energy efficient solutions while trying to prevent greenhouse emissions. I think this is very good for the environment. If ever that I’ll a business in the oil and gas industry, I will promote energy-efficient and environmental solutions too. Well done!

    February 22, 2019 - 6:14 PM

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