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H2O Innovation’s creative diversification is paying off

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It is often said that the most valuable commodity is time. The absence of water, however, sends all manner of existential crises quickly to the back burner. The world’s most valuable liquid may arrive at our faucets for almost no money, but the man-hours involved in its preparation are staggering. Renowned membrane filtration specialists H2O Innovation Inc. (TSXV: HEO | OTCQX: HEOFF) (“H2O Innovation”) have been providing safe, integrated, customized water treatment solutions since the turn of the millennium, and their experience has enabled some creative diversification that is really paying off.

Our dusty sphere is rather lucky in having a layer of liquid water; a planetary formation of this type happens really quite infrequently. Unfortunately, quenching our thirsts requires concerted efforts, and without prior treatment, the vast majority of the water here is not only useless to humans, but deadly. Known for their state of the art treatment systems, H2O Innovation have recently expanded into the sale of specialty products and services, including an equipment line specifically designed to assist maple farmers and producers based on their own membrane filtration technologies.

The maple division of H2O Innovation was granted a patent last year for its membrane-based system that produces a high concentration maple sap. The company has put its knowledge of filtration to the use of maple producers, and in addition to introducing a complete line of maple farm equipment, has massively improved the production process.

By substantially increasing the sugar concentration, the quantity of water to be evaporated is significantly reduced, resulting in a notable decrease in energy expended on evaporation. The boiling phase, which is the last production phase, allows the producer to cook the syrup to their desired colour and taste and to improve the product’s classification. So not only have H2O Innovation spent years bringing us better quality water, they are now insisting that we have better quality maple syrup.

The maple division of H2O Innovation was noted last year for exceptional growth. Under the leadership of CEO Frédéric Dugré, the company has reported consistent revenue increases that his team attribute to his passion for water treatment and clean technologies. In fact, Water & Wastewater International  magazine (WWi) placed him at number fourteen in their ‘Top 25 Water Leaders’ series just last week.

It’s not like H2O Innovation had a rough Christmas, either. December saw them generate a further $8m of new North-American business, plus their maintenance subsidiary received accreditation from the American Public Works Association. That was just after they won Visionary Company of the Year from the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of course.

Fresh water sources are becoming increasingly rare or insufficient due to atmospheric changes and population growth. The consequences of these shifts are already being felt, which means solutions must come swiftly. H2O Innovation uses a proven technology to produce drinking water from seawater and brackish water by reverse osmosis (RO). This membrane filtration technology is well-suited for desalination processes as it requires far less energy than conventional approaches that rely on heat. Reverse osmosis plants comes with many benefits; they require less space than traditional desalination plants, and permit vastly more economical operations that produce more financially robust structures.

There may be a fixed quantity of water on the planet, but it will need to be perpetually treated for as long as there are people who need it. And if the people who clean my water also make my maple syrup better… I can only applaud.


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