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Theralase Anti-Cancer Technology Validated at International Conference

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Theralase-200x125April 24, 2014 (Source: Accesswire) — Theralase Technologies Inc. (“Theralase’) (TSXV: TLT) (TLTFF: OTCBB) announced today new research on its Photo Dynamic Compound (PDC) technology, proven effective in the destruction of bacteria and cancer, has been peer reviewed and approved for presentation at the 16th Annual Laser Optics International Conference to be held in June 2014.

The new research scientifically proves that Theralase’s patented PDC technology can be activated by Near Infrared (NIR) laser light destroying cancer cells that reside deep into tissue, providing a higher kill rate in a single Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) treatment, than previously possible, setting a new standard in the industry. The scientific and medical community considers the research pivotal because the Theralase PDCs are able to provide a solution to a problematic issue in cancer treatment, the ability to destroy cancerous tumours via PDT deep into tissue.

Cancer is a major worldwide disease, causing great threats to human health. Tumour recurrence, metastasis (spread of cancer to distant body parts) and drug resistance are making the disease untreatable in many instances. There is therefore an urgent need to develop technology that is effective in destroying cancer before it has an opportunity to metastasize to distant body parts and render the patient incurable. Providing a technology that is able to eliminate ongoing cancer proliferation and destroy deep seated tumours with a higher kill rate in a single PDT treatment is ground breaking.

Dr. Arkady Mandel, Chief Scientific Officer of Theralase stated, “Conventional cancer therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, have many limitations such as toxic side effects, drug resistance and the fact that they quite often fail to completely destroy the tumour. PDT utilizes a class of minimally invasive PDCs with many advantages such as an ability to administer the treatment with minimal side effects, improved selectivity to target only the cancer cells and virtually zero toxicity to the body; however, light penetration is one of the major challenges in PDT. Light in the UV to visible range (300 to 700 nm) has limited tissue penetration depth restricting the therapeutic efficacy of PDT for large or deep tumours for competitive PDCs. The NIR window in the range of 700 to 970 nm, in which biological tissues have minimal light absorption, is ideal for targeted cancer therapy. Activation of the Theralase PDCs by NIR light now addresses this issue. Therefore the results of our preclinical research are of great scientific and potential clinical significance.”

Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of Theralase stated that, “I am encouraged that the latest Theralase anti-cancer research continues to receive such high accolades from the international scientific and medical community. This validation of our technology from some of the most well known experts in the field supports the magnitude of our research and the fact that we are breaking new ground in cancer research. By being able to target cancer cells in deeper tissue than currently available allows Theralase the ability to use our patented technology to target cancer regardless of where it may lurk in the body.”

About Theralase Technologies Inc.

Theralase Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and markets patented, superpulsed laser technology used in eliminating pain and destroying cancer. Theralase technology is safe and effective in eliminating pain, reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue regeneration of numerous nerve, muscle and joint conditions. Theralase is actively developing patented technology that is able to target and destroy cancers, bacteria and viruses when light activated.

Additional information is available at www.theralase.com and www.sedar.com .

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