BlueOcean NutraSciences Inc. Announces Health Canada NPN Approval for World’s First Extended Release (XR) Omega-3 Tablets

June 28, 2017 (Source) – BlueOceanNutraSciences Inc. (TSXV:BOC) (“BlueOcean” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has received a Natural Products Number (NPN) from Health Canada for its extended release Omega-3 astaxanthin shrimp oil tablets (“XR tablets”), the World’s first Omega-3 oils in XR tablet form.

The Company’s shrimp oil XR tablets were developed by its joint venture partner, CMAX Technologies Inc. (“CMAX”). An initial small batch of commercial XR shrimp oil product was made for US consumers in mid-2016 that sold out in late 2016. The Company will be making more XR tablet inventory with Health Canada NPN receipt and a more permanent manufacturing site.

CMAX XR tablets are a unique drug delivery quality system created by an extended release “dry-oil” matrix with a proprietary sequence of ingredients used in the pharma industry. The tablets have been formulated to increase nutrient bio-availability and effectiveness by slowly releasing shrimp oil nutrients into the bloodstream via the digestive tract in order to eliminate gel cap “dose dumping”. The bloodstream can then absorb more oil nutrients over a much longer period.

The patent pending CMAX XR technology is used on certain oily pharmaceuticals that use expensive delivery systems to achieve consistent oil release as they have poor bioavailability.

The Company’s omega-3 and astaxanthin shrimp oils in XR form are the most advanced formulation available in the nutraceutical industry for BOTH Omega-3 and astaxanthin. On their own, fish oil Omega-3 and algae based natural astaxanthin have poor bioavailability.

BlueOcean CEO, Dr. Marvin Heuer commented, “The Health Canada NPN number was a long time coming as we were the first company to make an XROmega-3 product. Their approval further legitimizes our XR shrimp oil product and we can now begin marketing and selling this new high bioavailability XR Omega-3 oil nutrient delivery system in Canada.”

About BlueOcean

BlueOceanNutraSciences Inc. is a Canadian public listed company (TSXV:BOC) whose mission is to develop effective, innovative and sustainable products from Natural Sources, to improve the lives of its customers. BlueOcean’s first specialty ingredient is its patent protected shrimp oil which is the base for its current three consumer brands. Shrimp oil is made from sustainably certified North Atlantic coldwater shrimp shells (the by-product of the cooked and peeled shrimp process) and contains phospholipid bound omega-3 fatty acids and over 40 times more natural astaxanthin compared to krill oil ingredients.

Shrimp oil’s unique nutritional properties enables the ingredient to make numerous health claims across a wide range of markets, including the $4Bn omega-3 heart healthmarket, the $9Bn joint health market and the $10Bn sports supplement market. BlueOcean markets its shrimp oil ingredient through a number of consumer brands that are formulated to target these specific markets.

BlueOcean currently markets its shrimp oil under three consumer brands: Pure Polar(R) Omega-3 Shrimp Oil, Joint AXTM and Sport AXTM. Products may be purchased online at

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