One test, ten cancers, unlimited possibilities – should be a big hit!

One test, ten cancers, unlimited possibilities. A new way to screen for many cancers all in one go should be a big hit.

StageZero Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX: SZLS) is dedicated to the early detection of cancer and multiple disease states through whole blood examination. StageZero’s next-generation test, Aristotle® is a panel for simultaneously screening for 10 cancers from a single sample of blood.

StageZero – Ten cancers detected from just one test

Aristotle is been built on a proprietary mRNA technology platform, which has been validated in more than 10,000 patients for the development of the first liquid biopsy for colorectal cancer. ​For years the healthcare community has been waiting for a test that can find ovarian and other cancers early. That wait is now over.

StageZero’s Prostate Health Index

This past September was prostate cancer awareness month and StageZero participated in a direct consumer marketing campaign awareness program. There are over 3 million men living with prostate cancer in the U.S. with 1 in 9 men being diagnosed in their lifetimes. Deploying both paid organic search and social media campaigns, the program was designed to create awareness for the Prostate Health Index. Approved by the FDA the Prostate Health Index is a blood test that can help differentiate prostate cancer from benign conditions in men with elevated PSA that will help both patients and their physicians decide if a prostate biopsy is indicated.

James-Howard-Tripp, CEO of StageZero Life Sciences states: “We were delighted to see the amount of interest this generated in such a short period of time.”

The campaign featured a select number of Facebook and Google ads targeting patients looking for more information on prostate cancer and prostate health. During the September period, StageZero inspired the interest of over 150,000 people searching for more information on prostate cancer resulting in more than 6,700 prospective patients hyper-linking through to the companies landing pages (2.6% Facebook and 8.5% Google ads compared to the industry average of 2.5%).

StageZero CEO James-Howard-Tripp continues: “This is exciting. We are engaging directly with a large number of consumers for the first time and helping to educate and empower patients who fall into the diagnostic gap of prostate cancer screening.”

StageZero is in the process of contacting potential patients who asked about having the test done. Those that completed the intake form will have their information reviewed in a HIPAA compliant portal by a qualified physician. From there, patients will be invited to proceed with the $299 Prostate Health Index test. This includes the telehealth physician consult/prescription and the blood draw at one of the Company’s national draw sites.

StageZero Life Sciences partners with Coastal Medical

To increase the Company’s reach to physician practices, StageZero is also partnering with Coastal Medical, a privately held sales organization in Savannah, Georgia. This regional sales organization specializes in selling advanced diagnostic testing solutions throughout the Southeast where initial efforts will be concentrated on selling StageZero testing in Atlanta and South Carolina.

Coastal Medical has relationships with primary care practices in the region as well as having inroads into some of the larger hospital systems in the Southeast.

Coastal Medical’s CEO Paul Ewaldsen comments: “We are fully committed to helping physicians incorporate early cancer detection programs into their practice. We believe that StageZero offers a unique testing program and advanced diagnostics that address non-compliant patients and gaps in current screening methods.”

StageZero is detecting early stage cancer

Headquartered in Richmond Hill, ON Canada; StageZero Life Sciences believes their proprietary blood testing could change the lives of the whole planet. The Company has a market cap of just C$ 16.65 million.