Predictmedix has disruptive AI technology that is leading the future in impairment detection and health screening

As countries begin to open up their economies, governments and organizations are looking for ways to detect positive COVID-19 (coronavirus) patients using mass screening. Contact screening is one way using an app. The problem is it relies on people installing the app and notifying through the app of their condition, and it assumes they actually know if they already have COVID-19. A company has developed a way to mass screen individuals for signs of infection (and hence COVID-19) which requires no effort from the public, using its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

That company is Predictmedix Inc. (CSE: PMED | OTCQB: PMEDF). Predictmedix has developed a technology that can screen and detect various health signs that may warrant further testing using facial and voice recognition AI.

Predictmedix uses Artificial Intelligence such as facial and voice recognition to detect infection, loss of sobriety, and mental illness

Predictmedix rapid mass screening for infection (and hence COVID-19)

Predictmedix’s AI technology can potentially be used as a rapid mass screening tool for COVID-19, as well as for other infectious diseases. This is because infections, like COVID-19, produce unique physiological patterns, including temperature variances on face and body, eye redness, coughing, and/or sneezing.

Predictmedix can be deployed in settings outside of hospitals and healthcare facilities, airports, shopping centers, malls, stadiums, government and office buildings. Any location where people gather or where transmission risk is paramount. Predictmedix can be used even after the current COVID-19 pandemic subsides to help prevent any new outbreaks or to monitor any hotspots. This will give public health authorities the ability to proactively protect populations.

The screening test is contactless and non-invasive, with no risk of transmission through handling of biologics. It is also very affordable.

Predictmedix for sobriety testing

Predictmedix can be used to test for drug intoxication that is not easily detectable by other methods, such as cannabis intoxication. Predictmedix has developed sobriety or impairment testing based on face and voice recognition using AI, which means the test is non-invasive. The Predictmedix testing works to detect any type of impairment no matter the cause, so it is effectively an all-in-one screen for impairment from cannabis, alcohol and opioids. Both law enforcement and employers would benefit by using the Predictmedix testing.

Predictmedix for screening and management of mental and neurodegenerative disorders

Many mental illnesses display tell tale signs well before they are medically diagnosed. Some examples include depression and dementia. Mental illness is difficult to detect at early stages. Depression, dementia and other brain disorders are often dismissed or hidden, due to societal stigma and lack of simple diagnostic tools. With the use of Predictmedix as a screening measure mental illness can be picked up earlier. It also can help employers screen for any workers with any signs of mental illness using the facial and voice recognition technology.

Closing remarks

Thanks to amazing advances in Artificial Intelligence such as facial and voice recognition Predictmedix has developed technology that is capable of mass screening for signs of infection (including COVID-19), sobriety testing (alcohol, cannabis or any drugs that impair), and some mental disorders (depression, dementia). The key is that the body displays certain signs and signals and the Predictmedix AI technology is able to detect these signs.

Predictmedix AI technology is suitable for large scale screening by governments, law enforcement, healthcare, organizations and employers worldwide.

Predictmedix has already partnered with Tech Mahindra, Hindalco, and the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology to help expedite the launch of its impairment technology. The Company is headquartered in Toronto Canada and is a great tech company worth following closely by investors looking for the next big thing.