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The only patented “nano-particle delivery system” to transport cannabis directly into the bloodstream drives interest

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The medicinal industries have created many secondary businesses and products that go on to be huge successes.

NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc. (CSE: NSHS) is a nano biotechnology company paving the way in the development of innovative delivery systems for cannabinoids, medications, nutrients, and animal health. The Company provides the only patented “nano-particle delivery system” to transport therapeutic agents directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorbency. The Company’s initial focus has been on cannabis delivery systems.

Evolve Formulas – A nano-particle delivery system for cannabis

NanoSphere’s Evolve Formulas is the provider of the world’s first and only scientifically proven nano-particle delivery system for cannabis. NanoSphere’s Evolve Formulas and applicators are very unique in the way they deliver medicinal cannabis to the body. By encapsulating cannabinoid molecules in lipid membranes, they are transported through the skin and into the bloodstream within minutes. NanoSphere’s delivery system makes particles easy to absorb and completely bypasses the gastrointestinal tract. No more need for needles or swallowing horrible medicines.

NanoSphere’s delivery systems

On October 10 2018, NanoSphere announced that it has entered the next phase of its partnership with Vertical™, the largest fully integrated company in the legal medical cannabis industry. Official production has started to bring its commercial cannabis brand, Evolve Formulas, into the California market.

Robert Sutton, Chairman and CEO of NanoSphere Health Sciences and Evolve Formulas said: “We’re thrilled to break ground and enter the next phase of our partnership with industry leader Vertical by bringing our patented technology to the world’s largest legal cannabis market. With California representing nearly a third of the North American cannabis market, the commencement of production in this powerhouse state marks an enormous step for the Evolve Formulas brand in our national expansion strategy.”

Vertical™ recently presented Evolve™ to a trade show for the California legal cannabis industry. J. Smoke Wallin, President of Vertical said: “Evolve stood out for its unique value proposition to patients everywhere. This has led to a backlog of pre-orders from accounts waiting for us to launch with California compliant packaging in November. The market can’t wait!”

Evolve Formulas is currently available in over 200 dispensaries in Colorado, with hemp-based products soon to launch in Indiana. California is the first of numerous markets across the country to begin manufacturing the Evolve Formulas products under NanoSphere Health Sciences’ licensing partnership with Vertical.

NanoSphere has already partnered with Delta 9 Cannabis INC to bring products from its cannabis brand, Evolve Formulas, into the Canadian market.

Future markets next for NanoSphere

NanoSphere’s first push has been into cannabis delivery; however Nanosphere also has several other potential markets it plans to tap into in the future as shown in the graphic below.

NanoSphere’s potential markets

NanoSphere certainly ticks all the right boxes. They have an in demand (and award winning) product for cannabis delivery, and can expand across other sectors delivering pharmaceuticals, over the counter medicines, dietary supplements and animal health products. The runway for potential future growth is huge. One to follow.


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