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It’s all about detecting cancers early as GeneNews changes name to StageZero Life Sciences

| June 26, 2019 | 3 Comments

GeneNews Limited (TSX: GEN) has announced that the company will change its name to “StageZero Life Sciences, Ltd.” The Company also changed its ticker symbol on the TSX to “SZLS” which has literally just become active this morning on June 26, 2019, along with a new website www.StageZeroLifeSciences.com. The new name change also applies to the Company’s U.S. Lab.

Often companies will change their name to reflect a new direction, a new industry focus, or even after a bad year. In this case, GeneNews has had a blockbuster 2019 with the stock up a whopping 177% year to date, thanks to some stellar agreements for their colorectal cancer detecting kit ‘ColonSentry®’, and progress with ‘Aristotle®’.

Why the new name change?

The name change will reflect and emphasize the Company’s dedication to finding cancer and other diseases through whole blood testing at the earliest possible stages (Stage Zero or Stage 0) when it is still non-invasive.

James R. Howard-Tripp, Chairman and CEO of GeneNews, comments: “While our focus remains on commercializing advanced diagnostics for early cancer detection, our primary mission is to finalize the validation of our next generation test, Aristotle™.”

Aristotle can simultaneously screen for 10 specific cancers from a single blood sample

Built on the Company’s proven proprietary Sentinel Principle Technology, which has been validated on 10,000 patients, and was used to develop the first liquid biopsy for colorectal cancer, Aristotle can simultaneously screen for 10 specific cancers from a single blood sample. The Aristotle application will also be explored on other disease conditions including Neurology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, and Autoimmune Disorders. The Company is not just building a pipeline of products for early cancer detection, they also operate a CAP accredited and CLIA certified reference Diagnostic Laboratory based in Richmond, Virginia. The lab offers the ColonSentry® test and in-licensed biomarker tests for lung, breast and prostate cancers.

The ColonSentry® liquid biopsy test uses advanced gene expression technology for the early identification of colorectal cancer, by requiring a simple, in-office blood draw. If the score is elevated in a patient at average risk, there is an increased probability the patient may have a pre-cancerous lesion or colorectal cancer. Studies have shown that up 95% of patients who refuse a traditional Colonoscopy test will actually comply with the test after receiving a ColonSentry test.

StageZero Life Sciences new name will give a greater understanding and emphasis on what the company’s focus is; stage zero cancer and disease detection.


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  • Dr. Michael Hirschberger

    Hi Matt

    Interesting Dx lead. Remember the 3 drivers for all diagnostic tests:

    Selectivity, specificity and cost per outcome.
    There is not much Testing performed in doctor offices these days in the States. They may draw blood, but >98% of specimens go to Lab Corp or Quest for analysis. This driven by reimbursement rates based on Medicare/Medicaid payouts and liability issues if MD Office does its own testing.

    to be sure, the earlier the Dx for any cancer raises the success rates of outcomes. New Dx’s in this area are coming about 2 per month.

    June 29, 2019 - 8:49 AM

    • Matt Bohlsen

      Thanks Dr Mike for some great US insight…In this case the company is succeeding with agreements outside the US…..but good to get your educated views.

      June 29, 2019 - 10:04 AM

  • Daniel Denomme

    Would like to know more about your company please. What’s the forecast for the company now? pm reply.

    July 5, 2019 - 4:41 PM

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