Adding depth and affiliations with key cancer centers, StageZero announces LOI to acquire Health Clinics

StageZero Life Sciences is expanding its early stage cancer and COVID-19 diagnosis business to now include Aristotle, Avrt, and Treat

StageZero Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX: SZLS) (“StageZero”) recently announced their long awaited release of “Aristotle”. In addition, StageZero announced a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire Health Clinics Limited. These events now mean that StageZero is rapidly expanding its services that will include telehealth, COVID-19 testing, Aristotle (early stage multi-cancer testing), AVRT (prevention of cancer & other diseases), and Treat (adjunctive treatment for all cancer types); all at the same time as working with health care professionals.


StageZero has developed a multi-cancer test that requires only a drop of blood. It is named Aristotle and was officially launched in early April, 2021. Aristotle has been released in two initial versions:

  • Aristotle Female panel – 9 tests for cancer: ovarian, breast, cervical, endometrial, colorectal, bladder, stomach, liver and nasopharyngeal.
  • Aristotle Male panel – 6 tests for cancer: prostate, colorectal, bladder, stomach, liver and nasopharyngeal.

StageZero state:

“Using an approach called immunoediting, Aristotle interrogates the mRNA from whole blood to detect gene expression profiles indicative of specific cancers. It is the first multi-cancer test to come to market with the ability to test for multiple, discrete cancers from a single sample of blood.”

The Aristotle test is revolutionary in its ability to test for multiple cancers in one test and the fact it targets very early stage cancer detection. This has the potential to shake up the early cancer detection industry.

StageZero Life Sciences – Telehealth at the core supporting Aristotle, AVRT, and Treat

Source: StageZero Life Sciences Fourth Quarter Call

Health Clinics Limited

Health Clinics (“HC”) specialises in chronic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction and uses telemedicine to provide specialist clinical services across Europe and North America. HC provides two main clinical offerings:

1. Under the trade name Care Oncology Clinic (“COC”), HC provides a patented and safe adjunctive treatment for all cancer types.

2. Under the trade name AVRT (pronounced “avert”), HC clinicians will provide a managed clinical service to help people to reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases, including cancer, using a proportionate and tolerable protocol.

StageZero CEO James Howard-Tripp stated:

“The team at Health Clinics/Care Oncology will significantly enhance our clinical and scientific capability, adding depth and affiliations with key cancer centers as well as expanding the executive and the board. The partnership also gives us the necessary infrastructure to correctly cater to employers, where we go next.”

Summary of StageZero’s amazing recent achievements


Added to all this StageZero continues to ramp up COVID-19 testing related revenues which acts to help fund the Aristotle program. In Q4, 2020 StageZero made C$3.38M in revenue, C$0.64M in net income, and a net profit margin of 18.93%. These are impressive numbers especially as StageZero is still in the very early growth stage.

StageZero Life Sciences became profitable in Q4 2020


Closing remarks

Success in business usually comes if you provide a great product which has a strong need and if you can distribute and market the product to meet that need. StageZero is doing exactly that.

Aristotle’s past success in the trial phase showed it is a great product. The need for early cancer detection worldwide is enormous. Finally, the recent LOI to acquire Health Clinics Limited (includes Care Oncology Clinic and AVRT) gives StageZero a fast start towards Aristotle distribution, as well as expansion to new areas such as cancer adjunctive treatment.

StageZero currently trades on a market cap of C$43M giving investors an enormous potential opportunity to get in early on what is shaping up to be an exceptional company. Risk remains high due to the early stage, but reward is also very high.

Disclosure: The author is long Stage Zero Life Sciences (TSX: SZLS).